Mayor announces retirement

THE MAYOR of Thurrock, cllr Ann Cheale announced her retirement last night at the civic dinner held at the civic hall at Blackshots last night.

Cllr Cheale holds the seat for Corringham and Fobbing and was due to defend the seat on May 6th.

But in a surprise announcement, the former leader of the council, took the opportunity at the lavish bash to step down after decades representing the people of the borough.

Her retirement makes way for the Conservatives to regain the seat after the lady mayor left the party after tabling a vote of no confidence in Tory leader Garry Hague. YT understands the political assistant to Jackie Doyle Price and Stephen Metcalfe, Mark Coxshall is due to contest the seat for the Conservatives.

2 Responses to "Mayor announces retirement"

  1. Sting   April 3, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    This was no surprise to anybody – Ann never stood a chance of taking the seat as an independent conservative. Ths was the worse kept secret in Thurrock politics.

    i would like to say she had done a good job and she will be sorely missed – but to be honest she hasnt done a good job at all and over the last year as mayor she hs burnt too many bridges to be missed by the tories labour or any of the independents. Poor old Ian Harrison is going to return as the only concerned conservative with ann at home looking after her chickens and stuart st clare hasslam defecting to UKIP.

    Cllr Cheale will miss the chamber far more than the chamber will miss her.

  2. coolblueriver   April 5, 2011 at 8:38 am

    When she was first elected, Mike and Diane Revell expected Ann Cheale to be a firm supporter of their efforts to take over the Conservative Group on Thurrock Council. She soon realised what they were up to and stood up for herself. It was thanks to her that the Tory party won control of the Council in 2004 and made the transition to administration successfully. But she had to cope throughout with efforts to undermine her leadership of the group and of the Council. Since she stepped down, the Tory group has been a hotbed of factional and personal rivalries. It is no good looking to Mark Coxshall as a replacement – he is not just supporter of the Revells but also – as Jackie Doyle-Price, M.P. for Thurrock, has made clear in the House of Commons’ Register of Members’s financial interests – her office manager. (How unlike you to be so coy!) He will not inherit Ann Cheale’s personal following in her ward. He does not, so far as I know, live in Corringham or Fobbing and, in the present political climate, has no chance whatever of winning the seat for the Conservatives. Ann Cheale will definitely be missed in her ward and in the Council chamber. Mark Coxshall will not be replacing her as everyone but ‘Sting’ already knows.

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