500 extra potholes to be filled

Date posted: 01-03-2013

THURROCK Council’s budget might have had a bumpy ride on “Wednesday (27 February) evening, but there was one area where all members were agreed.

Cllr John Kent, Leader of the Council, told the meeting: “Anyone who drives around the borough cannot fail to have noticed the number of pot holes on our roads.

“I understand this is a problem up and down the country and has been made worse by successive hard winters.

“As things stand, by the end of this financial year we will have filled around 3,200 pot holes, but, more needs to be done.

Members agreed Cllr Kent’s amendment that: “£50,000 is taken from the contingency sum which was agreed for use this year, to be spent by the end of March 2013, on filling pot holes.”

He added: “In consultation with the relevant directors we have agreed this money should be enough to fill an extra 500 pot holes across the borough.”

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