Wind farm well underway at port of Tilbury

THE Port of Tilbury and SSE Renewables are well underway with a four-turbine wind farm at the Port which will provide 50% of Port’s electricity needs

Installation of the four turbines at the Port of Tilbury Wind Farm by SSE Renewables is now under way. Specialist engineers are constructing each of the turbines in stages, with this key part of the project due to last approximately two weeks. Each turbine will generate 2.3MW of electricity and, when complete, the wind farm will be able to provide up to 50% of the Port’s needs.

Perry Glading, Chief Operating Officer at Forth Ports (owner of The Port of Tilbury), said: “We’re pleased to see the four turbines starting to take shape at the Port of Tilbury. This wind farm demonstrates our commitment to the environment and further enhances our position as Britain’s Greenest Port. The team at SSE Renewables are doing a great job with the installation, with minimum interruption to daily activities at our busy port. We look forward to seeing the four turbines in place once they are completed, as this project is something we are very proud of.”

Martin Sweeney, SSE Renewables Project Manager, said: “Everyone involved has been working hard to make sure this project is a success, and so it’s really exciting to see the turbines starting to go up. Since the components started to arrive by ship in February, we have been working closely with the port to ensure that everything was in place for us to erect the turbines with the minimum amount of disruption to the rest of the businesses who are based on site. This part of the project will take approximately three weeks to complete, and so if the good weather conditions continue, we should have all four turbines in place around the middle of March.”

4 Responses to "Wind farm well underway at port of Tilbury"

  1. Lambo   March 6, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    Good to see that renewable green energy is being used, more research and investment needs to be placed on finding alternatives to the existing fossil fuels.

    There are some cons associated with wind farms though, the wind is inconsistent, wind power is not cheap and still relies on government subsidies, impact to wildlife (birds & bats) also localised impact on the night time temperatures.

  2. gray64   March 6, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    It’s pure fantasy and a complete waste of money. The 50% of power needs figure will no doubt assume all four turbines running to capacity all of the time. The reality is that, for 60% of the time, they will produce zero electricity and for the rest of the time will do well to achieve 20% of their generating capacity. It’s all just another stunt by the Port to claim that they have ‘Green’ credentials. Farcical.

  3. Bernard87   March 6, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Wind farms are useless, a waste of money and ugly. The sooner we give up this nonsense idea about generating electricity using wind, the better. As Gray64 says…now the port can put a tick in the ‘green’ box.

  4. Willow   March 6, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    When you report on Tilbury Dock could you not have a photo of Tilbury Docks
    rather than the photo of a Dock?????????????

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