Film: Residents slam “scorched earth” in Chafford Hundred hedgerows

SOMETIMES, councils must think that they can’t win. people ring up and complain that the bushes and hedgerows are overgrown and so they go and do something about it.

But along the cycle lanes of Chafford Hundred, residents and naturalists believe that Thurrock Council have taken things to extremes.

Director of Birdbrain Uk, David Darrell-Lambert believes that the ‘scorched earth’ policy of the Be Smart team has destroyed hundreds of different forms of habitat and decimated a delicate eco-system.

David spoke to the council and was told that the action was taken in response to anti-social behaviour.

YT spoke to David on Saffron Road, Chafford Hundred.

David and other residents are in discussion with their councillors, cllrs Tuned Ojetola and Charlie Key as to what can be done.

One Response to "Film: Residents slam “scorched earth” in Chafford Hundred hedgerows"

  1. Lambo   March 8, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Well done David, there should be more people like you that are trying to protect the natural habitats of our native species and also the migrating species that we see in this country.

    TBC should take David up on his offer of help, they cannot continue to completely destroy hedgerows in the area and effect the biodiversity of nature

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