Hathaway Academy host Hip Hop Workshops with Royal Opera House Traiblazers

Hip Hop Workshops at Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer school, Hathaway Academy

ROYAL Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer school Hathaway Academy welcomed award-winning and critically acclaimed hip hop organisation, Breakin’ Convention recently to explore words and emotions with Year 8 students.

Breakin’ Convention ran a hip hop lyric writing workshop with a class of year 8 music students at The Hathaway Academy. They created raps in groups, supported by hip hop artist Genesis Elijah, who taught them about rhyme, flow, delivery and contents.

Student Kenan Sirt enjoyed the workshops and said ‘The lyrics make me feel like everyone started from somewhere and everyone has somewhere that they can go.’

English teacher Sophie Ashkuri is full of praise for Breakin’ Convention: “The workshop was a wonderful outlet for the students to express what has been on their minds. The young people involved had a very enjoyable and worthwhile morning, exploring language, emotions, and rhythms, and this will have had a positive impact on their understanding and appreciation of song lyrics and poetry in general.”

Working with the most respected, innovative and inspirational artists, Breakin’ Convention’s aim is to position hip hop dance alongside older, more established art forms, through international festivals, professional development, youth projects and its educational programme.

Breakin’ Convention came to Thurrock through the Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer programme. Trailblazer is an innovative programme that boost creative learning in schools and accelerate pupils’ development. To find out more about Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer, please go to www.roh.org.uk/trailblazer. Hip2

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