Thurrock Council contact litter ticket enforcers after Panorama programme


THURROCK Council has responded after a BBC programme recorded a litter warden who works for the company they use to issue parking tickets, boasting that they were going to give out tickets “like Smarties” because of an alleged bonus scheme linked to the number of fines issued.

The trainee, who was based in Bexley, was recorded by an undercover reporter who was working on a BBC Panorama investigation into “dirty tricks” used by litter enforcers to boost fines.

The reporter also recorded a manager at security firm Kingdom Services describe how its officers are paid at least £5 a ticket on top of their basic £9.47 an hour once they have issued four in a day. Kingdom has around 28 contracts with local authorities.

Kingdom has a contract with Thurrock Council. This is a pilot scheme at the moment but, as YT reported yesterday, a contract worth close to a million pounds is about to go out to tender.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: “Thurrock Council immediately sought and received written assurances from Kingdom following the Panorama broadcast that services are provided in line with the terms of their legal agreement, particularly relating to ensuring appropriate skill, care and due diligence.

Kingdom denied the bonus, which it calls a “discretionary competence allowance” is “to incentivise enforcement officers to issue FPNs”.

It said it trained officers to only issue fines to people they “reasonably believe have committed an offence” and it would investigate any “unprofessional behaviour or misconduct”.

One Response to "Thurrock Council contact litter ticket enforcers after Panorama programme"

  1. youneed2no   May 20, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    Its pretty obvious they are on something the way the hover around Morrison’s entrance in Grays, plenty of foot traffic there.

    Especially when TBC boasted of a 1000 convictions in a very short time (that could have 900 cigarettes and 100 sweet wrappers).

    I am sure others see through the lack of integrity in TBC as they look to schemes to screw its residents at every opportunity.

    The sad irony here is they are chasing Joe Public around Thurrock whilst 100’s of tonnes of building materials, detritus and other unsavory substances that are currently littering and being dumped on our countryside.

    It doesn’t impress me.

    I appreciate litter is a big problem and I am better placed than many to see this contract for what it is, (been working on Motorways around the UK for the best part of 50 years).

    I am sure the money would be better spent putting these guys on wheels and work the lanes where there is a much bigger problem FLY TIPPING, (where they can put to good use their body cam’s in detecting offending number plates and drivers) to STOP a practice which affects us all.

    I am sure the cost of the flytipping out costs the clean up of the type of litter the revenue boys are chasing, (especially if the litter Police make the offenders bin the litter dropped, it would certainly be a better use of taxpayers money.

    £1m even investing it in a wind farm in Wiltshire is a better idea, who dreamed that one up!

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