About Us


YourThurrock.Com is an on-line newspaper covering every aspect of life in the borough.

Launched in Sept 2008, the site publishes over 3,000 stories a year and has filmed 5,000 news items in nearly five years.

Thurrock is a rich quarry of news but the borough is also at a fascinating crossroads in it’s history and yourthurrock’s mission is to chronicle the story of Thurrock in the 21st century.

We primarily film the majority of our news but we also print word/photo only stories as well.

Our main aim is to celebrate the good news and the hundreds of activities, groups and initiatives that thrive in Thurrock however we also aim to scrutinise, question and challenge where appropriate. Never naive nor cynical but a balanced healthy scepticism.

The site receives an average of 100,000 views per month with our local viewers looking in but also viewers from USA, Japan, Australia, Nepal and dozens of other countries.

Our youtube channels also receive around 40,000 views per month.

We work seven days a week and are always on the look out for stories as well as keen to build up our blogger nation.

YourThurrock has a sister website; YourHarlow.Com that was launched on July 1st.

Code of Conduct


Comments are usually moderated.
Our comments section are not there to host personal insults to people, persons or organisations nor indeed to sit as an on-line trial of a person (s) or organisations.
All comments must be relevant to the story in hand.
However, we do not accept any legal responsibility for the content of any comment unless we have refused to delete the comment following a valid complaint.
Any complaint must set out the grounds for the deletion of the comment.
Like the BBC, this newspaper is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.
Re-tweets are not necessarily an endorsement.
Your Thurrock is run by Hyperlocal News Limited.
YT is also a member of the Hyperlocal Alliance

The Team


Michael Casey

Major Contributor

Mike Jones


Sally Casey


Lucy Chipperfield

Steve Allen

Nikki Kinicke

Andrea Ince

Jason Acres

Scott Hately

Kimberly MacKinnon

Joshua Yeldham-Smith

Caroline Thomas

Kent Rhodes

Bill Robinson

Peter Perrin

Joyce Chipperfield

Benny Harris

Abby Maguire

Courtney Savage

Grant Campbell

Heidi Goodsell

Will Doyle

Sharon McGovern

Myles Cook

Fuzzy Mannerz

Lisa Chapman

Sylvia Kent

Tanya Coutts

Andrea Ince

Tom Stronach

Rosie Sparrow

George Hills

Sam Turner

Anthony Mercer

Peter Gosling

Scott Hately

Janet McCheyne

Joy Ridgewell

Jordan Gray

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