The Good Doctor’s Blog: The matter of health reform

AT the risk of sounding tautological, modernisation seems to be a modern obsession in the NHS. Politicians seem to think that they can gain popularity by modernising this that or the other service. Behind this thinking is an assumption that modern is good and old is bad. This is one of the most arrogant assumptions that go unchallenged most of the time. We can all think of many examples where old is much better than new. Generally speaking, old means durable and reliable.

Tanya’s Blog: Ten things to do just before you start revising

NO one likes revising! We spend six hours a day, five days a week doing school work and now home we go to do some more, and as the weather improves from the winter storms the last place we want to be is inside. So instead of getting it over and done with we delay, and delay, and delay! These are my top ten delaying tactics for when you can’t bear the thought of doing MORE school work.

Myles’ Blog: Valenomics: A blueprint for Thurrock

THE reason I didn’t provide fully detailed solutions was because, although I am observant enough to see the problems being caused and open-minded enough to not be taken in by the ConDem propaganda, I was never and will never be arrogant enough to claim that I had all the answers. I have always been of the opinion that there are those who point out the problems and those who have the knowledge and skills to actually provide the answers. I have also been of the opinion that no one person has all the answers and that provoking a debate to get many differing viewpoints is the best way of arriving at the solution; however, on this singular occasion, I have decided to have a go at putting forward some ideas for an economic policy for the UK. They still aren’t fully detailed but they are a lot more detailed than any previous answers I’ve put forward in the past.

Mr Perrin’s Blog: Green Belt-You cannot be serious!

WHILST watching and listening to the Councillors on the planning Committee debating the issue of what to do about the Benton’s Farm site in Mollands Lane, South Ockendon, Cllr Charles Curtis angrily declared “there is serious green belt and this site is not” [serious green belt]. So there we have it, straight from the old horse’s mouth, there are two types of green belt land “serious” and “not serious”.

The Good Doctor Blog: It is called a consultation for a reason….

IN a medical context, a normal consultation is a meeting between patient and doctor, in which a patient seeks advice regarding health matters. Consultations in which a patient makes their own diagnosis and determines the course of action, against medical protocol, is not a consultation, or at best a dysfunctional consultation. For a patient to behave in this manner, they have to assume that they know more about medicine than their doctor. Alternatively, they have to assume that their doctor is not trustworthy. If the latter is the case, one must beg the question of why such a patient would remain with the same GP.

Mr Perrin’s Blog: Defending the indefensible

I ASK him WHEN and to what end? On Wednesday 26 Feb, 2014 at the meeting of Full Council he scornfully told the Conservatives to stop attacking the attendance record of Kiely and take account of the attendance record of one of their own members, namely Cllr Herd, who had attended only once during the current council year compared to Kiely’s 2 as if that was somehow a mitigation. Two wrongs do not make a right. Cllr Kent and his Labour colleagues appear to delight in giving the people of South Ockendon a reverse two fingers victory salute. To add a further insult, despite Labour support, Kiely voted against the Labour motion to set the budget.

Blogpsot: “Frankly I don’t believe Doyle-Price or Billington give ATOS” says Mr Perrin

WHILST the daily parade of the sick and disabled, as ordered by the Department of Work and Pensions, continues to report to designated ATOS assessment centres our current Member of Parliament, Ms Jackie Doyle-Price and the Labour Party parliamentary candidate, Ms Polly Billington appear to have little, if any, interest or concern regarding the fear and distress caused to vulnerable members of the community.

The Good Doctor says: “Do yourself a favour!”

RAY related a story that has gone round in my mind since. He called one of his female patients to tell her how concerned he was that despite her multiple serious problems, she had not asked for her prescription or come for a review for almost two years. His receptionists and nurses had phoned her, written to her and texted her.

Blog-spot: No Fracking Way in Thurrock?

THERE are a number of problems with this process. Starting with water, each well uses up to 29 million litres of it. Across all the fracking fields this can lead to series problems in areas already facing droughts, like our own. This water is also pumped with chemicals and sand, rendering it mostly useless. In cases throughout the world we’ve seen water dumped in holes in the ground and into rivers. In Australia a river has been filmed visibly bubbling at the surface.

Blogpost: Putting Brand before the Bazaar

I’M going to have to wait till April to see Thurrock’s Marmite warrior. And it meant I missed out on my most selfish parent of the year award. We went to the bazaar, and pleasant it was (I got a photo of my babies with Father Christmas.) It weren’t the same though, I wanted to dress up and have an epic night out with my husband. Instead I sat at home drinking a bottle of Buck’s Fizz with a raffle ticket stuck to the side.

Blogpost: “Jobs for the girls” in Thurrock Labour?

Selections marked with a (*) are considered “all women shortlists” and only female panel members will be eligible for selection”. Thus there will be no male candidates allowed for selection in Chadwell St. Mary. The figures shown in brackets are a breakdown, by gender, of the current incumbent Labour Party Councillors. So it will be seen there are eight male and nine female and the overall number of Thurrock Labour Councillors is 13 males and 11 females. Even allowing for “positive discrimination” I do not rate the balance to be sufficient grounds for excluding male candidates in 2014.

A Christmas Story: The Christmas Tree

IT IS that time of year, again, when I come out of hibernation, so to speak. Each one seems to come round more quickly than the last. I’m sure that only months ago I was manhandled out of my box. And that’s another thing. Even though I’m the centre of attention, you’d think they’d treat me with a little bit of respect, I mean, I am one of the family. But no, they plonk my base on the floor, and then shove my parts together. How uncivilized!

Is the damp and mould in your home killing you?

NO-ONE should be expected to live with damp and mould, there are thousands of different moulds that are quite harmless to the human body but there are also moulds in the home that can cause life changing affects both Neurologically and physically to the body and in some cases death.

Blogpost: Mr Perrin has concerns over MP’s pay

DOES your heart bleed for these “poorly” paid MPs struggling on a current salary of £66.396p.a plus expenses who need an increase of 11% [£7,600] to survive? Their current salary is already more than double [2.25] than that of the average full-time worker. Or, like me, are you sickened by MPs wringing their hands in anguish proclaiming the increase is being “forced” upon them and they, “reluctantly”, are obliged to accept it.

The Good Doctor: New wine into old wineskin?

BUT often the elderly go to A&E without the GP’s knowledge of there being a problem. How can a GP care for a person without the person presenting to their GP?! We have had the alternative of routine elderly checks come and go, at the behest of the NHS, who deemed them to be unhelpful. Are GPs now expected to just go and visit every elderly patient in case they have a problem? For a GP to do 4 home visits, he or she would have to sacrifice a whole session, which means 15 less appointments on average. The details remain unclear for now.

Helen’s blogpost: “If there is any innuendo in this blogpost………

I STRUGGLED to write this, my inspirational well of nonsense had run dry. I asked two friends to give me a nudge. One told me to write a rant about boy racers. Right… I’m a thirty four year old married mother of two, who incidentally, doesn’t drive. What do I know about boy racers?

Blogpost: Deelight is no style icon

NOW, I’m no style icon, but I am often complimented on my outfits. Sometimes, the focus is on a particular piece of clothing or it might be a particular colour that I’m wearing. Of course I’m pleased that my effort to look good has been acknowledged.
However, I began to realise that certain items of clothing were without fail drawing attention more than others. When I gathered these items together, I found, to my surprise, that they were purchased from the supermarket.

Letter to the editor: Thank you Cllr Gray

Please can we thank Councillor Sue Gray (Labour) of Belhus Ward , for all her hard work and commitment for helping our son get back into mainstream school after a year of home schooling. She was the only politician to fight our corner and write various letters to people and attend appeals.

Helen’s Blog: It’s beginning to look a lot like……

WE welcome Stanford novelist, Helen Harrod, to our happy group of YourThurrock bloggers. The female orgasm? Oh don’t be ridiculous, people will talk. How about ageing gracefully? Give over. I’m thirty four, not dead. Except, time is running away from me. I realise this as I heat up my total body waxing kit for another […]

The Good Doctor’s Blog: GP’s-Cheaters or cheated?

OH DEAR, Oh dear. According to the Mirror, The NHS is being robbed by GP’s who are collecting money for unregistered patients! This was mentioned in a comment on my last blog. To be more precise, four GPs have been charged for cheating. And the remaining 33,000 GP’s? Let’s see!

Blogpost: Should you be allowed to take your dog to work?

I’M a real fan of sharing knowledge, and of being able to openly ask others for their views, input or even expertise. It figures then that I’m also a fan of forums, and often take part in specialist groups looking to do just that. A little while ago, whilst reading through a number of blog posts, I stumbled across a new forum post, posing the following question:

Stanford community leader reflects on a tale of two planning issues

THROUGHOUT the planning process Barrett’s have engaged with local residents, R.A.I.D. and the Stanford Forum, I cannot remember the number of meetings I have had with them, even up until last week they were still willing to listen meeting with the Forum and individual local residents and whilst we did not get everything the local residents wanted they did make some concessions. They have been prepared to engage and that is to be applauded.

Myles’ Blog: “Goodnight and good luck………”

I GREW up in the 1970s when we were a lot less cognisant of how racist some of our language was and therefore, occasionally and usually in anger, some of those comments may slip out against my better judgement and totally in opposition to my feelings on the matter and the subject of immigration can sometimes bring those deeply buried snippets of language to the surface. That said, the same is true of anyone in the UK – racist thoughts, no matter how abhorrent to our conscious minds, lurk in our subconscious mind as a kind of cultural genetic inheritance or race memory. We are not alone in this respect as every country has its own version of this affliction and it can take very little to activate our hidden prejudices.

The Good Doctor’s Blog: “500 no shows in a month at just two Thurrock surgeries.”

THE number of times GP’s have to chase patients, for their routine chronic disease management, is beyond measure. These are people who have had a condition for several years and know that they need to have certain checks done annually. The rude reaction GP’s get from some such patients is disheartening. Rudeness and ingratitude aside, every time such people fail to attend, they are preventing another patient from getting an appointment.

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