Sunday Comment: Policing in Thurrock..lights, camera……eye off the ball?

On Friday afternoon, I was interviewing Thurrock’s olympic torch-holders outside the Thameside Theatre. When I returned to my car in the car park at the back of the theatre, I could see three “east european” looking young men, looking somewhat furtive. Basically, they were looking and waiting. Infact, if one jumped to conclusions, they looked like they were waiting for a car to turn up and the occupants to hand them drugs in return for cash.

Lee’s Euro blog: Group B and C

Thankfully though, group B has the delights of Nicklas Bendtner to make up for the rest of the utter dross. With that warm cuddly feeling now in place, let’s begin with the deadly striker’s very own nation. It’s DENMARK!!!

Thomas’ Blog-Parking on Deveron Gardens..Mrs Pearce isn’t happy

Now Deveron Gardens is a street made up, primarily of single story small homes for the elderly , as you will see from the video below, two vehicles were parked right across the full width of the pavement. This is not unusual and it even gets worse on Sundays and at other times when the Belhus Park Independent Evangelical Church has a meeting on – go figure that one for Christian community spirit – when they roll up to services and block the pavements in their posh cars!

Blog: Down your way with Danny

We approached the severe S bends at the end of Foyle Drive, and joined a small paved footpath, before crossing over Stifford Road, I noticed that all the steel fencing, was in a very bad state of disrepair, every part of the fencing has rusted completely through, there were also several badly dented and twisted panels caused by something colliding with them,

Thomas’ Blog: “Aveley By-pass and ringing the council…….cul-de-sacs of communication”

While you may not be directly responsible for the telephone system or it’s operators you may like to enquire, on my behalf, as to why Thurrock residents are ignored and treated to such an abomination of a service. Is it an unspoken directive from the ruling party in power that if residents can’t get through and make enquiries/ complaint then we (the Council) can’t register those enquiries/ complaints?

Neville’s Blog: My day as a criminal……

And what about my fellow course members? I don’t know. I suspect some of them will walk out unchanged but whatever their attitude, the facts speak for themselves;- six motorcyclists were killed in road crashes during 2011, with 17 drivers, seven passengers, 10 pedestrians and one cyclist also dying on the county’s roads. In 2011, 3,800 people were injured in collisions with 670 of those being classed as serious*. 41 deaths and 670 serious injuries! Every one a personal and family tragedy. I just don’t want to have anything to do with any of those stats.

Blog: Down your way with Danny

He has had the “mould man” out as they call him, at Morrison, he came along and sprayed it, and said that he had a serious leak, from the flat above and he would report it: He didnt, so another telephone call was made, and a housing inspector was going to come out as an emergency, that was at 10am at 4.45pm he turned up but didn’t ring the door to be let in, but left a card and went.

Thomas’ Blog: Why I didn’t vote…….

I am disappointed that no one in politics seems to recognise or wants to admit that the days of mass employment are over. Technological advances in manufacturing and production have taken away the need for massive factories employing three shifts of workers round the clock, and so there will never be the jobs created to give the all of the people of working age a job and so the ranks of the poor will always increase – no one is saying that, why not? And why are we not now thinking of ways to make everyone equal in life as a result?

Blog: Mr Perrin’s not impressed with election

My sympathies go to Martin Kerin, the Labour candidate for South Ockendon, who, despite the disgraceful conduct of Cllr Aaron Kiely and a Conservative candidate [Barry Johnson] with a proven good record as a Councillor, put up a good “fight” and only lost by a narrow margin. Congratulations Mr Johnson your return to the Council Chamber is well deserved.

Abbie’s Blog: “Labour are afraid to make changes….”

Somehow, people think Labour apply what they preach, but the reality is, they are far too afraid to make big changes, to create a diplomatic revolution, to ruffle a few feathers. So they move along quietly, keeping things relatively the same, only, spending money they don’t have on smaller changes people don’t really want, but for the sake of change.

Blog: Down Your Way with Danny

Further along Foyle Drive, I notice two men digging holes in the grass in Dilkes Park, I walked up to se what they were doing, and noticed that they had planted, a brown plastic tree trunk which had a sign board on it, it had a message which said, welcome to Dilkes Park!, the two men moaned that they had to work between rain showers to put the signs up, I spoke to several dog walkers, and asked them, what they thought about the new plastic tree trunks,

Blog: Mould in council homes…..toxic or not?

Despite a written reply from the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Mr Andrew Stunell, in answer to a written Parliamentary Question asked by Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price in which he states, “Damp and mould growth is a category 1 hazard. Councils are under a duty to take action in such cases”, the Belhus ward councillors, Charles and Wendy Curtis have downgraded it to a category 4 hazard.

Gang Show stride on in 2012!

My favourite part of going to see the Gang Show at Thameside Theatre each year is that I get to watch people I know from both Guiding and Scouting get up and give it everything they’ve got, as well as knowing that my friends are backstage helping to make it happen. I’m proud of them all, because as much as I enjoy it, I am most definitely one of those ‘out there’ who enjoys watching them ‘up there’.

Rosie’s blog: Hunger at the cinema

The novels are in Katniss’ point of view so my biggest concern was how they were going to incorporate everything into the film in the same way. I thought that it was very creative and fitting, in there arena whenever they were something that would have been explained through her thoughts it flicked to the commentary with Ceasar and Claudius.

Myles’ Blog-On the campaign trail

Firstly, I issue my challenge to the candidates fighting for a seat on the council for Grays Riverside ward. Last year I said that I considered myself a floating voter and I do so again. Last year I ended up having only a visit from a single candidate and therefore decided not to vote at all as I didn’t have the information from the other candidates from which to decide who the best person for the position was. This year I would like to see a proper campaign from all the candidates. Work for my vote or you won’t get it!

Dan’s Blog: Sunday weighs on his mind….

Tuesday I joined my Grandad at the hospital for his first lot of chemotherapy, he did very well, and we had a nice lunch out at the pub (paid by myself.) This was in Southend, and we had four hours to kill before he was ready to go home. So we went around Southend, the theme park was closed, which was a shame, but we still went into the amusements for a while and had a coffee.

Myles’ Blog-“Turning back time to the bad old days of exploitation.”

Recent developments at the Department for Work and Pensions have, however, proved that this country, after years of having apologised for our part in the African slave trade, has turned the clock back a couple of hundred years or so to renew that awful trade. The victims of this renewed trade are not picked out by the colour of their skin, however, but by the very nature of their physical or mental affliction. The slaves of this brave new world are those who are the most exploitable because of their vulnerability – financially, emotionally and physically.

Tanya’s Blog: The Guide’s excellent adventure

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt consists of over 200 eggs crafted by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers hidden across London to raise money for Elephant Family and Action for Children. Each egg has a unique code and these codes can be sent via text to donate funds and to enter into a draw to win the Diamond Jubilee Egg – worth £100,000! But texting aside, the hunt itself is eggs-traordinary (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

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