Jessica’s Blog: First term at Cambridge

“Picture the scene: it’s midnight during your first week at university and you’re in a sweaty dark club, looking around at the mass of unrecognisable faces around you. The music is building and arms begin to fly everywhere. Is it Rihanna? David Guetta? DJ Fresh? No… it’s S Club 7. I quickly realise that this may be the only place in England where university students get this excited dancing to Disney songs and 80’s and 90’s “hits”, with memories of my Year 6 School Disco at Stifford Clays Junior School flooding back. Some universities have a freshers’ two-weeks, whilst our partying antics and ice-breakers lasted a whole… four days.

Sunday Comment: Eric Joyce and the Thurrock Twitterati

There is Thurrock Weather (19.4 degrees in Aveley earlier this week. There is eagle eyed Thurrock Dave. There are the social media trailblazers such as Socialscene as well as CedarHall clinic. Many a story has started with someone tweeting: “Do you know what is happening?” and away we go from there. The council are steadily embracing it and kept us all informed re the bins when the snow came.

Tanya’s Blog: Today is a day to think about others……..

Over the past few weeks the unit, where I am a Guide Leader, has been looking at saving our planet in the run up to World Thinking Day. We have considered reducing the use of fossil fuels, recycling resources and switching to sustainable energy solutions. During one activity we looked closely at carrier bags and their impact on the environment. Did you know that one plastic carrier bag takes 500 years to decompose? And they’re not even strong enough to last five minutes.

Rosie’s Blog: Piracy concerns from Chafford Hundred

When this was introduced it was also introduced with PIPA (Protect IP Act) in order to raise awareness. As soon as internet organisations such as Google and Wikipedia heard of this they didn’t waste any time in alerting the public of the outrageous outcomes that would follow if the act was passed. All of its users quickly started sending letters to their congressmen and doing anything they could in order to prevent the bill from being passed.

Tanya’s Blog: What is next for our high streets

As a child I remember going into Grays on a Saturday morning and spending hours looking around all the shops, both in the precinct and on the High Street, including Woolworths and Somerfield, before having a nice lunch in McDonalds (only if we were good of course). But now, not one of these stores remains in Grays Town Centre. Who would have thought? Instead we have a walk-in health centre, pound stores and a betting shop in their place.

Myles’ Blog: The fourth way in politics

Assuming one could successfully clear the first hurdle of preparing oneself for one’s foray into the political arena with the ‘professional’ jackals, the next problem is how to deal with the tribalism that is inherent in most modern democracies. Is there actually a party that reflects one’s world view? There is, in the UK at least, the choice of three main parties reflecting the moderate left (Labour), the moderate right (Conservatives) and the centre ground (Liberal Democrats).

Abbie’s Blog: Glittering prizes or……………?

I’ve known people who have graduated from Cambridge, dropped out from Cambridge and been accepted to Cambridge, but is a degree now just considered a degree. Perhaps, much like in the working world, are students looking for any universities that will except them, let alone apply for that coveted place at Oxbridge? If I achieve my predicted grades, I could be a possible contender for Oxbridge but part of me wants to pursue the Open University, which some profusely question.

Myles’ Blog: Cry “Havoc” And Let Slip The Dogs Of War!

Some people may think me mad but there is a precedent for amateurs changing the world – Darwin was an amateur in his field, yet he changed the world with his theory of natural selection. There is nothing stopping a determined group of amateurs making a similar contribution to the history of mankind except our own apathy and I’m not giving into apathy anymore.

Blog: 50 goes into 26.2

STILL jet-lagged and in New York City for the week as it is my 50th birthday (Nov 24th), I got up at 4.30 am to write, edit and publish some stories. I noticed a tweet from St Luke’s Hospice telling us that there was still places left for the Brighton Marathon in April 2012.

Myles’ Blog: SEPT need to accept responsibilties

The issue of the high staff turnover at Grays Hall was brought to the attention of the Chief Executive of South Essex Partnership Trust (SEPT) about a year ago by my very self and yet, despite being given assurance that the matter would be looked into personally, there has still been no hint of an investigation, let alone any findings.

MP addresses loss of Tory support from women

We have won the argument regarding the need to tackle government debt and borrowing, but beyond this we are losing the narrative regarding the broader aspects of the coalition’s programme. The result is that, yes, more than at any other time we are viewed as the party of economic competence, but we risk being seen as being all about money.

Blog: A word in your ear from Mr Perrin

She justified her absence from the council committee meeting by nominating another councillor to fill her place. I am informed that her nominee made no contribution to the business of the meeting and seems to have been there simply to make up the number present.

Abbie’s Blog: Weighing it out…

Most of us want to lose a few pounds but when it comes to it, we’ll more often than not make those tempting excuses so nothing ever seems to change. But sometimes it’s that we don’t know what to do: with all these apparent contradictions how do we know what and what not to eat?

Black History: Present and Future?

AS I began wondering what to write for this article a few initial thoughts came to my head (If you have seen the Boondocks you can relate, if not go watch it after you read this article you won’t regret it!). First, with the voice of Riley Freeman ‘Why we only get a month though?!’, then Huey Freeman calmed me down ‘The month is a great time for reflection’.

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