Inspirational night with Sharon McGovern

I first began my talk by discussing my book and the different emotions it has evoked with people. The response was tremendous, so many people having similar emotions yet just needing to hear their feelings verbalised. It gave the audience a feeling of being understood, such a small thing yet to so many, a major part of their healing.

Joyce’s Blog: Heaven on the Orient Express

The atmosphere was electric in the British Pullman lounge, anticipation and excitement mirrored on everyone’s faces. As I gazed around at my fellow passengers, I was intrigued by two young Oriental girls wearing panama hats. Was I still in 2010 in London? I watched them chattering animatedly to each other, obviously as excited as me.

Sharon’s Blog: Greenwich Meantime

Writing for me is a way of expressing my curiosity I have of everything within the world. I am a very curious human being and like everybody, I don’t have all the answers in life. However, I like to find a meaning within almost everything in our lives as I am sure everything has something behind it, and writing enables me to say what I can’t always say out loud or necessarily think clear enough to make sense of in my head.

Full Council: A Confederacy Of Dunces

It is clear that the majority are simply out of their depth. Good people (mostly) but have it neither in their DNA nor the will-power to raise the game to face the challenges that the horrendous cuts will produce. They just about cut it in the good times but last night proved that as a group (with some noted individuals exempt) they were embarassingly and disgracefully out of their depth.

Blog Post: CK1……….Shrimpers And The Rocks

YourThurrock welcomes Charlie Key to our growing band of bloggers. We first met Charlie when he was standing as a candidate for the local elections as well as being one of the campaigners whose hard work ensured that Jackie Doyle-Price was elected MP. Charlie has just graduated with a 2:1 in Politics from the University of Greenwich.

Joyce’s Blog: Life After Retirement

I have enjoyed almost a year on my allotment, which was very overgrown when I took it on. For someone who doesn’t like creepy crawlies, I haven’t done bad. I’ve sat in my shed and watched a mouse outside running back and forth. Funny, but outside they don’t seem so frightening; indoors I’d have been terrified. I’ve kept my head whilst digging up potatoes and unearthing red ant nests full of eggs and hundreds of ants. I haven’t jumped when finding a creepy crawly on my arm, but flicked it off calmly and carried on. Though I still run when confronted by a wasp.

Andrea’s Blog: Back To School

Mum sheds a tear as the children head off back to school. “This morning like many parents I took the traditional first day back at school photos of my children that are then circulated to all the family. It is scary how quickly your children grow up and as I looked at my photos I felt a lump in my throat”.

Tattoo John: Return From Exile!

He tells us that his case has been dealt with and he is now allowed, once more to walk amongst the people of Grays. However, John tells us that he is a reformed character: He supports the booze ban in Grays and looks to the reform of the criminal justice system.

Lucy Does…V Festival 2010.

The line-up was incredible with iconic acts such as Madness getting the over-whelming audience skanking, Florence and the Machine bringing people to tears and Faithless creating a sea of hands raised and pumping the air. Kasabian closed the festival on Sunday and went out with a major bang, with their lead singer declaring ‘This is why you came!’ to their audience.

Andrea’s Blog: Adventure Island

Then we had a go at some side stalls but lady luck had already shone on us for one day, so we settled for using some pocket money to buy a cuddly Hong Kong Phooey (do you remember him?) which was very good as you do not find characters like him in the shops anymore.

Bloggers/Contributors Wanted

If you would like to come on board then please drop us a line. You can write about anything and everything. We would want an article once per month but the more the merrier. We only check for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Oh and libel as well.

Sharon’s Blog: Treat The Trauma

Let’s look at why alcoholics are drinking, why people find solace in hurting themselves and why drug addicts and dysfunctional individuals want to leave reality: what happened to them to make this happen? Once we heal that part of their life, the rest falls into place, and with the help and support of like-minded people, they can find their way out of the box they have been put into, and there will be hope for their future.

Myles’ Blog: All Change…..

I have taken this opportunity to decide upon a direction for this column. I will still have the odd purely personal column but I have decided that I will look at issues in adult health and social care, giving my personal opinions and raising concerns where they jump out and try to throttle the life out of me.

From Grays To San Antonio

I have been home a couple of times and my family has visited here a lot. I am a five minute drive from Seaworld San Antonio which truly is an amazing place. Every year my family and I buy season passes as they have a huge water park as well as the amazing shows with Shamu the Killer Whale and the bottle nosed dolphins.

Thurrock Has Real Witches!!!!!!

May 27th was a full moon & if you look closely enough you may have see some of Thurrocks Witches flying passed on their broom sticks. Well actually I’m not really serious about the flying on brooms part, but I am very serious about Thurrock and infact all over England there being real witches & mediums in our midst. Scared!