Abbie’s Blog: Fashion…..which way to turn?

When it was time for Tina to share her opinions on anorexia, she responded: “I am very biased when it comes to things like this. I think it’s irresponsible and selfish to put your life at risk just to stay thin. The best way to say slim is to eat healthy and exercise, however, I can understand how some models may feel pressured to lose weight, especially in the fashion industry. Luckily this is something I haven’t had to deal with personally and the glamour industry is much more appreciative of curves and womanly features…which I happen to have plenty of!” She laughs.

Basildon Hospital: A Patient’s Experience

“It was patently obvious that, as a patient who did not have a gynaecological problem, I was regarded as a massive inconvenience, (I was told as much by one of the department’s doctors) and that they wanted me out of there. They were prepared to tell me anything in order to expedite that. I asked what I should do if the pain became bad again and was told to “come back to A&E and get admitted by a different discipline”.

Joyce’s Blog: Second Novel: The Strength of a Promise

I received a printed copy of my second novel this week; the sequel to The Strength of a Kiss published last year. The sequel is called The Strength of a Promise and continues the story of a young girl’s first love and the problems she has to face. Her story began when she was 16 years old in The Strength of a Kiss and at the end of The Strength of a Promise she is almost 19. I feel a wonderful sense of achievement; this is something that will be here after I am gone. My next venture is probably going to be shorter, but I have a couple of ideas already.

Peter’s Blog: A Word In Your Ear…………

Councillors do not like being upstaged or embarrassed by members of the public and having it reported. My reason for raising this issue is to make people aware that they can come to Full Council Meetings and participate by asking questions and the more people do so the more Councillors will be held to account and that can only be good for democracy.

Abbie’s Blog: “Double, double, toil and trouble………”

Why is it that those who have everything wish to throw it all away? It is because they have lived the heights of fame and have smeared boundaries or is it just in their personalities. The question I’m asking you is that is fame deluding and a cruel way of life or would this have happened to Britney or Christina. They are human but they set the examples for the rest of the world, including impressionable children, so is being a member of the cult of celebrity a more dangerous job than a miner, a bomb diffuser or a race car driver? Is the glamourised life of a celebrity really physiological torture?

Labour Foghorn/Tory Stooge

Later on in the day, a comment passed on our site asked: “Is Your Thurrock a news service or is it just a mouthpiece of the local Conservative party?
This article appears, particularly with the words in bold font, to be nothing more than a promotion of the local Conservative Party line. What is it doing on here without any context or balancing comment. It is either shoddy journalism or a political advertisement.

From Libya to Chafford: “People first, Oil second”

YourThurrock blogger, Courtney Savage interviews Libyan-born Chafford Hundred student Sara Shaafi about the recent turmoil in Libya. “For this month’s I blog I was going to write about something like proms or a band’s new album, but anyone watching the news may understand why I find writing about something like that now trivial. Although from […]

Rosie’s Blog……

Everybody wants the elusive, inspiring Irish Dermot Flynn to come to this festival and Laura was misunderstood and people thought she actually knew him. Even when they did understand that she didn’t in fact know him she still had to travel to Ireland to get him to turn up in order to prove herself and to make the festival a success.

Joyce’s Blog: Life in retirement: Second year, second novel!

I am also very busy planning my allotment for this year. Making sure I rotate my crops I have drawn a new plan. This year I am going to try growing sweet corn along with my usual crops. The couple next to me grew this last year and it was really sweet, you could easily eat it raw; not a bit like shop bought. I have already covered a lot of my plot with manure and this needs to be dug in. I now have a greenhouse, which we put up at the end of last year. This will be great for bringing on my seeds ready for planting out when the weather permits.

Peter’s Blog: A word in your ear……..

As for Cllr Hale’s hysterical comment “I think you [the Tories] run the risk of damning this hospital and we will be in danger of losing it. I just worry that you are not even listening, you are so sure at each of the meetings you go to that they [the hospital] are lying you don’t have a balanced view.” Is she seriously saying it is better to have a hospital that is a threat to the health and safety of its patients, fails to meet the standards of hygiene and care required of it than to have no hospital at all?

UKIP blast MP over Europe

Polls continuously show that the public want a referendum on the European Union, with most recent surveys showing that the British people would vote to leave and end our payments of £48 million a day to Brussels. Yes we want trade with the EU, but we want our laws to be made in Westminster. Is that too much to ask for? What does Jackie Doyle-Price have to fear by letting us have our say on the European Union?

Oil industry expert slams Coryton fuel protestors

But your group wants to cap petrol and diesel at £1.00 a litre because you don’t give a f@@ about the planet, the economy, or worst of all, the future just so long as you don’t have to walk to the shops or take a bus. I think you are all deluded like all those other europeans that were convinced the Earth was flat. Rather than write poorly constructed letter to MPs asking for a reduction in tax you should be campaigning for more public funds to be allocated towards public transport and investing in alternative energy.

Tunde makes a passionate plea for religious unity

It means we cannot do things as ‘they had been done before’. Change is about embracing the situation, not denying it, loathing it or fearing it. Let us start today by embracing the various religions in Thurrock, attend the Diwali events; the joint Christmas carols; the Sikh temple. Learn about these religions and together we will live in peace and harmony as we understand each other.

Benny’s Blog: Greetings from Hollywood

Opening night was great. The show was packed and many stars and celebrities came to see the performance. At the end of the show I would bring up children onto the stage to help me sing a song. I was unaware that I actually brought up Mel B and Eddie Murphys child to sing with me. But I found out after the show when Mel B came up to me to thank me and her little girl asked me if I could do magic, ha ha.

The Murder of Daniel Thomas: Nobody came, nobody cared……..

From the age of sixteen, she was booted out of her own home and living in a shed in the street in River Court, Purfleet. Then onto the homeless hostel at Charles Street. For while she stayed at the home of a (then) friend until she was thrown out on suspicion of stealing. Then she came across Daniel Thomas and his flat in Darnley Road. The narrative of daily life as read out in court for Priscilla was depressing. There were no witty asides, no “Shameless satire”. Priscilla was no Morven Callar. It was a tale of skunk, whizz, sniff, puff, mandrax, white lightning, breezers, wine, fags.

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