Joyce’s Blog: Life in retirement: Second year, second novel!

I am also very busy planning my allotment for this year. Making sure I rotate my crops I have drawn a new plan. This year I am going to try growing sweet corn along with my usual crops. The couple next to me grew this last year and it was really sweet, you could easily eat it raw; not a bit like shop bought. I have already covered a lot of my plot with manure and this needs to be dug in. I now have a greenhouse, which we put up at the end of last year. This will be great for bringing on my seeds ready for planting out when the weather permits.

Peter’s Blog: A word in your ear……..

As for Cllr Hale’s hysterical comment “I think you [the Tories] run the risk of damning this hospital and we will be in danger of losing it. I just worry that you are not even listening, you are so sure at each of the meetings you go to that they [the hospital] are lying you don’t have a balanced view.” Is she seriously saying it is better to have a hospital that is a threat to the health and safety of its patients, fails to meet the standards of hygiene and care required of it than to have no hospital at all?

UKIP blast MP over Europe

Polls continuously show that the public want a referendum on the European Union, with most recent surveys showing that the British people would vote to leave and end our payments of £48 million a day to Brussels. Yes we want trade with the EU, but we want our laws to be made in Westminster. Is that too much to ask for? What does Jackie Doyle-Price have to fear by letting us have our say on the European Union?

Oil industry expert slams Coryton fuel protestors

But your group wants to cap petrol and diesel at £1.00 a litre because you don’t give a f@@ about the planet, the economy, or worst of all, the future just so long as you don’t have to walk to the shops or take a bus. I think you are all deluded like all those other europeans that were convinced the Earth was flat. Rather than write poorly constructed letter to MPs asking for a reduction in tax you should be campaigning for more public funds to be allocated towards public transport and investing in alternative energy.

Tunde makes a passionate plea for religious unity

It means we cannot do things as ‘they had been done before’. Change is about embracing the situation, not denying it, loathing it or fearing it. Let us start today by embracing the various religions in Thurrock, attend the Diwali events; the joint Christmas carols; the Sikh temple. Learn about these religions and together we will live in peace and harmony as we understand each other.

Benny’s Blog: Greetings from Hollywood

Opening night was great. The show was packed and many stars and celebrities came to see the performance. At the end of the show I would bring up children onto the stage to help me sing a song. I was unaware that I actually brought up Mel B and Eddie Murphys child to sing with me. But I found out after the show when Mel B came up to me to thank me and her little girl asked me if I could do magic, ha ha.

The Murder of Daniel Thomas: Nobody came, nobody cared……..

From the age of sixteen, she was booted out of her own home and living in a shed in the street in River Court, Purfleet. Then onto the homeless hostel at Charles Street. For while she stayed at the home of a (then) friend until she was thrown out on suspicion of stealing. Then she came across Daniel Thomas and his flat in Darnley Road. The narrative of daily life as read out in court for Priscilla was depressing. There were no witty asides, no “Shameless satire”. Priscilla was no Morven Callar. It was a tale of skunk, whizz, sniff, puff, mandrax, white lightning, breezers, wine, fags.

Charlie’s blog: On the beach

As interested as everybody was in how Grays Beach was getting on, nobody really wanted to do anything to help it. The official line from any administration, councillor or officer would be, ‘Grays Beach is Thurrock’s flagship park’, which is true, it just isn’t treated as such. In the summer of 2009 vandalism at the park reached a new high, the galleon was set on fire and half of it had to be demolished. Unfortunately, rather than be demolished straight away it had a few weeks of tape around it in the middle of the kids’ summer holidays.

Blog Post: Trial by Twitter, Fate by Facebook

One man’s free speech I guess. Try telling that to Robert Murat who was apparently guilty of being too interested in helping out at the scene of Madeleine McCann’s abduction or Stefan Kizko who spent decades in prison for a murder he hadn’t committed on the basis of being a bit odd looking that way.

Blogpiece: Joyce’s “Fairytale of New York”

I have always thought of New York as a big city of sky scrapers. Well, of course it is; but now I know that beneath the sky scrapers beats a warm heart. My recent visit to New York showed me just how helpful and friendly New Yorkers are. From offers of a seat on the subway to readiness with advice and directions.

Future of media in Thurrock

Imagine, the world premiere of Ludd and Isis, Grays Athletic games live, council meetings, music events, breaking news such as the Coryton protests or “Frozen Thurrock”. The potential is there. It will come to a borough near you. What you want is that it comes to this borough as well.
Some say that the local voice has been limited to voting once every five years or writing a ranty letter to the local paper. Here there may be a chance to give every taxpayer/constituent a true portal for the people.

Sharon’s blog: An uncertain Christmas

Remember, Xmas is one day, but the effect will last you all year and is the stress worth it? I suggest we all go back to the simple life, helping children make presents, visiting people at home who are lonely, make up hampers of food and fruit to give as gifts and be thankful for the love and support of our families, most of all try to be happy this Xmas.

Blog piece: Charlie and the karma chameleon

Alongside wedding, funeral and buying your first car, graduation has got to be one of the milestones of your life and should be a day to remember, I won’t be forgetting it in a hurry. After some tense talks, (in which my graduation was not discussed), the RMT (London Underground Workers Union) decided to walk out of work on Sunday night. This was the first sign that things were not going to go entirely to plan.

More Fishy tales

I had intended complaining this month, about the service received on package holiday plane journeys. Having recently returned from a holiday in Rhodes and been extremely

Meditations From the Abyss

So the axe has finally fallen and, as usual, it falls hardest on those who have the least. The new Coalition Government constantly blames the cuts on Labour, who undoubtedly played a large part in creating the problems we now face with their

Inspirational night with Sharon McGovern

I first began my talk by discussing my book and the different emotions it has evoked with people. The response was tremendous, so many people having similar emotions yet just needing to hear their feelings verbalised. It gave the audience a feeling of being understood, such a small thing yet to so many, a major part of their healing.

Joyce’s Blog: Heaven on the Orient Express

The atmosphere was electric in the British Pullman lounge, anticipation and excitement mirrored on everyone’s faces. As I gazed around at my fellow passengers, I was intrigued by two young Oriental girls wearing panama hats. Was I still in 2010 in London? I watched them chattering animatedly to each other, obviously as excited as me.

Sharon’s Blog: Greenwich Meantime

Writing for me is a way of expressing my curiosity I have of everything within the world. I am a very curious human being and like everybody, I don’t have all the answers in life. However, I like to find a meaning within almost everything in our lives as I am sure everything has something behind it, and writing enables me to say what I can’t always say out loud or necessarily think clear enough to make sense of in my head.

Full Council: A Confederacy Of Dunces

It is clear that the majority are simply out of their depth. Good people (mostly) but have it neither in their DNA nor the will-power to raise the game to face the challenges that the horrendous cuts will produce. They just about cut it in the good times but last night proved that as a group (with some noted individuals exempt) they were embarassingly and disgracefully out of their depth.