Continuing funding healthcare for Thurrock residents

PEOPLE in the Thurrock area who are currently eligible, or are found to be eligible, for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding from the NHS will now have a greater say in how that money is spent. From April 1st, everyone who meets CHC eligibility for on-going support will receive a tailored package of care to meet their health and wellbeing needs.

Thurrock Council and NHS forge closer links

THE ageing and growing population in Thurrock – and across the country – means it makes sense for councils and the local NHS to work together more closely. That was the message health portfolio holder Cllr Barbara Rice gave Thurrock Council’s cabinet on Wednesday (19 March) evening, speaking about the Better Care Fund.

Books without words…..with Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions

THERE IS always something going on for all those who are associated with Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions. Most Mondays, a group of clients and carers get together in the seminar room at the Thameside library to enjoy a selection of books.

Art brightens the corridors at Basildon Hospital

THE walls of a corridor at Basildon Hospital have been brightened with new pieces of art, thanks to the creative skills of members of the Brentwood Art Society.
The art society donated 22 items, including watercolours and prints.

Stay Safe with Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions

THURROCK Lifestyle Solutions are running another ‘Stay Safe’ event every 6 months – aimed at people with Learning Disabilities – an all day training for FREE – It would be great for you to come and or recommend someone you know to have this experience. It’s based in the lovely Grays fire station hall and all the Police, Firebrigade, First Aiders, Trading Standards, Road Safety come along and support people to work on an action plan for their community safety.

£1 million investment in stroke services at Basildon Hospital

NHS Basildon and Brentwood CCG, together with NHS Thurrock CCG is to invest an extra £1 million into stroke services at Basildon Hospital this year to deliver better care and better outcomes for people who suffer from stroke locally. Since 2011 different options for stroke services across the whole of south Essex have been proposed as part of the Midlands and East Stroke Review. As commissioners of health services for people living in Basildon and Brentwood and Thurrock, both CCG’s priority is to ensure quality services for its local population.

Storytellers come to Basildon Hospital

IT was smiles all-round when the Starlight Storytellers recently visited the children’s ward at Basildon Hospital, bringing to life favourite children’s stories including Princess & the Pea, Charlotte’s Web and Three Little Pigs. Laura Ryan, Hospital Play Team Leader, said: “We use play to help distract our young patients from feeling unwell and from any worry they may have about being in hospital. There’s nothing like a good story to capture children’s minds, and the actors’ excellent singing and dancing really brought the stories to life. We are really grateful to the Starlight Storytellers for bringing their fun and interactive production to the hospital.”

Working together for better health outcomes

THURROCK Council and local health leaders are working together to commission and provide better and more integrated services for patients and service users. As part of the government’s Better Care Fund plan, the council with Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are developing ways they can reorganise existing funding to offer a more holistic approach for patients.

MacMillan benefits at Basildon hospital

MICHELLE Bath, Macmillan Development Manager for Essex, says: “People affected by cancer tell us that money worries are a close second to the anxiety caused by their cancer diagnosis. Cancer has a massive impact on people’s finances. Often people who have had a diagnosis of cancer are left wondering how they are going to pay the mortgage, the rising heating bills or cover new expenses such as trips to hospital and car parking charges.

New Fobbing family receive special woollen gift from hospital knitters

FOUR-day-old Willow Rose Finch, with parents Natalie and Luke, from Fobbing, was presented with a pink teddy by Stephanie Thompson, handicraft co-ordinator with the Guild. Stephanie said: “We do a lot of work for charity, and we were very keen to do something for Basildon Hospital because most of us came here to have our babies.

Hearts go out to Basildon perfusionist

A CLINICAL perfusionist at The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre (CTC) at Basildon Hospital has been commended for his part in the care of patients with heart disease. Perfusionists are responsible for operating the machines that keep people alive during serious procedures, such as open heart surgery.

Indoor Cricket: Ockendon blow away Stanford

SOUTH Ockendon indoor cricket team led by team captain Sunny Saini beat a durable Team Play from Stanford in the latest round of Indoor Cricket. Team captain, Sunny Saini said: “I am surprised the way my team did play well as the other team had a lot of team spirit as they were led by Daniel Green

People with COPD invited to have their say

THE main cause of COPD is smoking; symptoms include breathlessness, chronic cough, regular phlegm production and frequent winter bronchitis or wheeze. It affects more than 9,000 people across south west Essex and some people are living with COPD without realising. This survey has been developed to discover patients’ experiences of current services, how effective and accessible these services are and to identify areas for improvement.

Liam’s Club Night returns to the Thameside

THE EVER popular Liam’s Club Night returns to the Thameside Theatre later this month. The club night backed by Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions has proved very popular and has a wide range of DJs turning the (it says here) the wheels of steel.

A sympathetic ear for tinnitus sufferers

A PATIENT who has suffered from tinnitus for nearly 40 years says that the sympathy and understanding of her family and the audiology team at Basildon Hospital has helped her live with the condition. Tinnitus is any sound that a person can hear from inside their body, rather than from an outside source. It is often described as a ringing in the ear, but a range of different sounds can be heard at varying volume levels. Tinnitus is not a physically harmful condition but it can cause distress and prevent sufferers from sleeping or concentrating.

Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions pass the Firebreak Course

OVER a dozen members of the Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions (TLS) undertook an arduous Firebreak course at Corringham Fire Station recently. The course taught first-aid, working as a team and to have confidence in yourself.

New cancer service at Basildon University Hospital

A NEW service is being provided at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals, to care for patients who have advanced cancer but the exact type cannot be identified. This is known as cancer of unknown primary (CUP). In England and Wales, more than 10,000 cases of CUP occur annually and it is the fourth most common cause of cancer death.

Digni-tea at Carolyn House in Chadwell

RUNWOOD Homes are hosting a Dignity Day at Carolyne House next month. The Chadwell home plan to host a memorable day for all those they care for.

Basildon Hospital doctor awarded for breakthrough migraine research

HEADACHES are among the most common disorders of the nervous system, with nearly half the adult population suffering from them at least once a year. It is estimated that in Britain, 25 million working or school-days are lost every year because of migraine alone.

Liam’s Club Night returns

LIAM’S club night is back next Wednesday January 22nd. There will a few top notch DJ’s turning the wheels of steel!

Give your views on hospital hearing service

IF you have a hearing aid fitted by the Audiology Service at Basildon or Orsett hospitals, and have any suggestions on how the service could be improved, the team would like to invite you to join a new patient focus group. Gina Collier, Chief Audiologist, says: “We pride ourselves in trying to provide the best possible service. Part of this comes from listening to what patients say we do well, and where we can improve. We would like to hear their views.”

Council sign up to tobacco control pledge

THURROCK Council was one of the first authorities in the country to agree to the Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control and on Wednesday (8 January) Leader Cllr John Kent put pen to paper. Smoking is a killer and particularly so in Thurrock where it accounts for more early deaths than any other cause.

Basildon hospital midwives lauded with award

SUPERVISORS of Midwives (SoMs) are experienced midwives whose role is to protect women and their babies by ensuring they receive good care and are involved in decisions about their care. SoMs complete additional training to help midwives provide the best quality midwifery care and also guide and support midwives in developing their skills and expertise.

£1.1 million health boost

THURROCK Council has won back the £1.1 million given to Essex County Council when Public Health services were transferred to local authorities from the NHS earlier this year. Thurrock complained that the Primary Care Trust (which covered the whole of SW Essex) spent more in Thurrock, in comparison, than in other areas it covered – Brentwood and Basildon.

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