Stanford-le-Hope community keep the home fires burning

THE STANFORD-LE-HOPE community have once again turned to the medium of film to entertain, educate and inform the local community. This time they have recognised the sacrifices made by the men who went off to fight for their country in the Great War of 1914-18.

History: Thurrock news from May 1914

IF things had been carried out properly at the Quarry Hill booth, where a number could not vote, he believed they would have been more successful, because men were waiting to vote, and in connection with that, they must bear in mind that they take steps next year to try to get the time [for voting] extended to nine o’clock [p.m.]. [Hear, Hear]. Mr. Thompson said if they had had nine o’clock this time they would have probably got three candidates in. The Hon. Secretary thought they had roused the workers from their apathy, which was a great thing. The Chairman said they gave a harder knock last year than they received this year.

Find out who you are at Thurrock libraries

FOLLOWING recent successful library talks by professional genealogist Meryl Catty, a number of free family history advice sessions are available in all Thurrock Council’s libraries. If people are stuck on some research, need help finding family history websites, or need tips on where to start, Meryl Catty will be able to help you.

Thurrock News: April 1914…Vote for Charles H Seabrooke

TOWN PLANNING- The Town Planning Scheme, of which I was an advocate at the last Election, has matured and is now in its initial stages. I am anxious that the Scheme should progress for the better development of the town {also] what time such development will take place.

Thurrock News: March 1914: Five men drown off Purfleet

THE tug “Coburn” had been engaged in towing lighters up the river. All went well until the tug passed Purfleet, where the tide sweeps down from Long Reach at a terrible speed. Just as the tug was passing that part of the river opposite the training ships “Arethusa” and [?], she was struck broadside on by a mighty wave and before she could recover herself she was struck by a second wave, which caused her to founder.

Ockendon to collate memories of World War One

LOVERS of local history and creative art are being invited to join the community art project South Ockendon Reflects. It is being organised by art tutor Pat Wakefield, and community worker Maggie Pollock, to commemorate this year’s centenary of the First World War.

Redcoats take over Tilbury Fort

The 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot, one of the country’s premier Napoleonic re-enactment groups, spent the day drilling and firing their muskets, the famous “Brown Bess” used by the British army until the middle of the 19th Century. This was actually one of the regiment’s monthly training events and the first to be held at this fantastic 17th Century Fort built during the reign of Charles II.

Holocaust remembered with permanent memorial

TWO years ago young people who visited the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau were also at the Memorial Gardens for that year’s event. They saw the traditional laying of stones, but were disappointed that the stones were removed afterwards. They managed to raise £600 towards creating a permanent memorial and with the help of Madstone Ltd – the East Tilbury stonemason company which provided design, manpower and materials – the new monument will provide the focus for future events.

Veterans Charter plea

THURROCK Council launched its Veterans’ Charter nearly two years ago and is now asking if it needs updating. In late November, the council agreed a motion from Cllr Rob Gledhill that ““The Council request that a review be carried out of the implementation of the Veteran’s Charter and publish the results before its second anniversary (March 2014), to ensure that the commitment we signed up to is working in Thurrock?”

Holocaust Memorial Day to be marked

ON MONDAY, January 27 – International Holocaust Memorial Day – a specific memorial will be unveiled in Thurrock. For years a service has been held at the High View Avenue Memorial Gardens in Grays marked by the laying of white pebbles, but the “mound” was removed after the ceremony.

Bomber Command’s Stan receives a heroes farewell

THERE WERE heroes at Pitsea Crematorium on Friday afternoon. There was Stan Franks. He may have died alone but he died a hero. He may have died alone in Fobbing but in Pitsea he was surrounded by hundreds of friends and well-wishers. It was a time of warm eulogies from Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price and Bomber Command veteran, Harry Irons in a ceremony conducted with great style by Rev John Guest.

Stan Franks: They shall remember him

BY the age of 19, Stan Franks had completed 31 missions over Germany during the Second World War. At 88 years old, Stan Franks was found dead in his Fobbing, where he lived alone. He was found after his neighbours became concerned about his welfare and they had asked for police to inquire about his well being.

All across the borough,Thurrock pays tribute to the fallen

THE THURROCK community came together to pay tribute to all those ho gave their lives on defence of their country. From white doves released in Aveley to poppies in the sky at Stanford, the borough, once again, showed respect and admiration for the men and women.

Community lead bid to help restore Stanford-le-Hope war memorial

MEMBERS of the Stanford community have joined forces to help restore the Stanford-le-Hope war memorial.
Stanford West councillor Shane Hebb, Stanford community forum chair, Terry Piccolo as well as ex-serviceman Luke Seeley and a number of others have made a pledge and started a restoration fund to give the memorial a complete overhaul so that it is ready for 2014, which will mark the centenary of the Great War.

Council map out World War One commemorations

THURROCK COUNCIL are set to announce their plans for four years of commemorations in respect of The Great War.The plans will be discussed and voted upon at a meeting of the full council next Wednesday (Oct 23rd). The proposed plans will include. Saturday 2 August – 4 August 2014 – A significant event based at one of the Borough’s key military heritage sites. To incorporate learning about the period, community engagement and participation. This event will also include the key Civic event for remembering the beginning of World War One, officially recognised as 4 August 1914.

Share your memories of Grays Town Park

Thurrock Council are working with the Heritage Lottery, speaking with local residents of Thurrock, about your memories of the park. The Council will use the information they collect to ask for lottery funding to improve the park in the future. Your views are valuable to them and they would like to create ‘Friends of Grays Park Group’ to help generate interest in the project.

Where the Bad Boys Go……..

THE Shaftesbury took boys from the age of 12 to 15, who were sent there to learn a trade: seamanship. The book includes events such as, the night the ship broke its moorings and ran aground in a wintery storm, the day when the Duke of York, who later became George V came to Grays to visit the ship and the tragedy that took place on that day and the discovery of a large fraud by an officer, who absconded leaving a Grays tradesman going to the Assizes wrongly accused.

9/11-From Tilbury to New York City

AS WE do on this day and have done since we began, we pause for a moment for Neil Robin Wright. Neil went from Tilbury to New York City to work for Cantor Fitzgerald. Neil perished in the South Tower.

Blogpost by Daniel Parker. “My tribute to Gordon Eckley”

LIFE will never be the same without you, you’re absolutely irreplaceable, and the day you passed away was a day which I just never thought would come. I cry whilst writing this, but know this Grandad, we knew how much you adored us, and you knew how much we adored you. The last time I saw you, you could barely speak, you took my hand and gripped it tight, it was your way of saying how much you loved me, and I’ll never forget that. You were one of a kind and it absolutely pains me that I’ll never be able to see you again and have a conversation with you again. I know, though, that you’re up in Heaven now, looking down on us and you’ll guide us through our lives. It was an absolute honour being your Grandson, Grandad. Thank you for 19 and a half years of unconditional love. You’ll always live on in our hearts.

Book documents names on Stanford memorial

THE first of a new series of local history books is about to be published. It covers the history of Thurrock’s Great War Memorials. Author Steven Cape was born in Stanford-le-Hope in 1960 and following a brief visit to the former Western Front in 2005, became hooked on the subject of the First World War and decided to research the names found on his home town’s memorial.

Bata delighted at cash boost for conservation project

THE original 1955 bronze plaques bearing the names of 69 Bata employees who lost their lives in the Second World War will be replaced by new black granite plaques and will have the names of 81 Bata employees who have now been traced. Paving around the Memorial will be replaced and work will also take place on the immediate garden area. The 1955 plaques will eventually be permanently located in St Catherine’s Church, East Tilbury.

Thurrock 1914-1918…

IN the summer of 1914 the dark cloud of war fell over Europe. Despite the belief that it would be “all over by Christmas” the First World or Great War destroyed lives until November 1918 and beyond.

Film to show history of Tilbury street names

DON’T forget to see the premier next week of the DVD ‘The Story Behind the Roads’. This tells the history of the street names of Tilbury town featuring voice overs from June Brown, Peter Hewitt MBE , Les Morgan, Sue Yates, Jack Doodes, George and Shelia Ridges and project manager Annie O’Brien.

Mayor sends best wishes to Duke and Duchesss

THE MAYOR of Thurrock, cllr Tony Fish, has sent a letter of congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son George, prince of Cambridge. The announcement was made at full council after Stanford West councillor, Shane Hebb, called for the chamber to send their congratulations regarding the happy event, which took place on Monday, July 22nd.

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