An open letter from a fire officer over the cuts

AS a Fire Fighter within Thurrock this concerns me greatly. Grays is home to over 1/3 of the county’s highest level industrial risks (COMAH sites) and within the whole of Thurrock, we have over 1/2 the county’s major risks. We also have one of the busiest road networks in the country, consisting of the A13, M25 and The Dartford Crossing, which is nearly 200,000 vehicle movements per day. There is also Lakeside, Channel Tunnel rail link, numerous industrial and commercial sites in Grays, West Thurrock, Purfleet, South Ockendon and Aveley.

Tories want to see more help for Thurrock Citizens Advice Bureau

FOLLOWING recent news that the Citizens Advice Bureau may see funding withdrawn, Thurrock Conservatives are asking the question why the CAB doesn’t sit in the same funding pool as other Voluntary / Community Sector (VCS) organisation grants.

Labour leader highlights Thurrock Conservatives funding

THURROCK Council leader John Kent is very adept at, in political terms, finding the gap and hitting the ball for four. So it was at a recent meeting of Thurrock Council, after a constant barrage of anti-union rhetoric from the Thurrock Conservatives, cllr Kent rose to his feet and amidst summing up on the Workfare debate made a number of comments regarding a number of companies that, according to cllr Kent, have made financial contributions to the Thurrock Conservatives.

Councillor defends record on fly-tipping (but doesn’t mention proposal to part-close Linford tip)

A SENIOR Thurrock councillor has defended the council’s record on fly-tipping. Portfolio holder, cllr Phil Smith was responding to a question from Orsett councillor, Sue Little at a recent council meeting.

Le-Surf calls for ban on wild animals in circuses

LABOUR parliamentary candidate, Mike Le-Surf, calls for residents of South Basildon and East Thurrock to write to their MP asking them to support a ban on wild animals in circuses.

Thurrock Council pass motion against “exploitative” Workfare

A FULL AND frank debate took place at Thurrock Council on Wednesday night (July 23rd) as Labour successfully passed a motion against Workfare.

UKIP councillor Robert Ray stands down as leader of Thurrock group

THE LEADER of Thurrock Ukip, cllr Robert Ray has announced he is standing down as the leader of Thurrock Ukip. The Aveley councillor has made the announcement as he is in the middle of court proceedings in relation to a drink-driving allegation.

Funding for anti-racism organisation: “Nothing to do with us” says councillor

CLLR Speight said: “Cllr Maney needs to get his facts straight. Funding levels to both TRUST or NGage are determined by the CVS – a decision that allows voluntary grants to be determined by the voluntary sector and one that enjoyed cross-party support. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau stands outside this arrangement for historic reasons.

Tory anger at delay in Frost Estate bid to become parish council

SENIOR Conservative councillors vented their anger at Thurrock Council at delays in processing a petition that would see more independence for a Corringham housing estate.

In February, local residents (joined by MP Stephen Metcalfe and local councillors) and handed in a petition to Thurrock Council that they hoped would result in a community or parish council being formed.

Illegal traveller site in Chadwell St Mary defy police

AN illegal encampment of gypsy-travellers in Chadwell St Mary have defied an order from the police to move on. The group have been in Claudian Way, Chadwell for several days now.

Ockendon residents continue to criticise Thurrock Council over mould problems

TWO OF Thurrock’s high-profile campaigners have continued to campaign for better housing conditions in both South Ockendon and the rest of the borough.

Thurrock primary schools: Improvement, improvement, improvement

CONGRATULATING the head teachers, staff and children, Cllr Kent added: “Non-stop good news is an impossibility, but over the past month or so we’ve had some great stories about our schools getting better and over the next month or so, we’ll find out the GCSE and A Level results too.

UKIP support Labour over workfare ban (and two Conservative motions as well)

THURROCK UKIP are slowly finding their feet in Thurrock. After being elected, they have all been busy setting up their surgeries (cllr Roy Jones in Corringham library, cllrs Jan and Chris Baker in the Ockendon hub) and getting a feel for the issues in their wards.

Man fined for selling counterfeit goods at Grays market

MAGISTRATES have convicted a man of knowingly selling counterfeit CDs at Grays market following a court case brought by Thurrock Council’s trading standards team.

Does this explain why the “waste disguised as bales of hay” in Purfleet are still there?

OVER the last fifteen months, a number of residents have contacted us to ask why they were still here. We did ask the Environment Agency (EA) in Oct, 2013 and simply told us that “Enquiries are continuing.”

MP Stephen Metcalfe gets Westminster promotion to become Chris Grayling’s crime advisor

STEPHEN Metcalfe, local MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, has secured a promotion in the latest Government reshuffle. As well as continuing his normal duties for the local area the MP will now assume the role of Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS’s) to the Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling MP.

Is the Thurrock Citizens Advice Bureau under threat of closure?

TO BE FAIR, it was clearly written on the label. Back in 2012, council leader John Kent, when discussing cuts did indicate that the worst is yet to come. In recent weeks, the news that community transport service, Transvol could have their funding cut by £100,000 raised fear and alarm throughout the borough.

“Labour candidates could learn from Baroness Smith” says Orsett councillor

AN ORSETT councillor has advised the two Labour candidates that straddle her ward to follow the example of Baroness Smith of Basildon in matters relating to the proposed new Dartford Crossing. Cllr Sue Little said: “I have a bit of an issue with Polly Billington and Mike Le-Surf who keep knocking the sterling efforts our two elected MPs when it comes to the Thames crossing.

Jackie Doyle Price and Polly Billington defiant on UKIP poll

BOTH Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price and Labour candidate, Polly Billington have poured cold water on the Lord Ashcroft poll that predicted a UKIP victory in Thurrock in the 2015 General Election.

UKIP councillor Robert Ray pleads not guilty to drink-drive charge

THE LEADER OF Thurrock UKIP, cllr Robert Ray has pleaded not guilty to a charge of drinking and driving. The 65-year-old councillor appeared at Basildon magistrates court on Tuesday morning.

Take some time out in summer hols to vote for local education hero

WITH school out for summer now is the perfect time for parents and pupils to nominate their local education hero or inspiration for recognition. Well over 50 nominations have already flowed in for the first ever Thurrock Education Awards. With categories for teachers, support staff, head teachers and governors the awards reflect the range of people who contribute to improving our schools.

Poll has UKIP set to take Thurrock in 2015 General Election

A NEW poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft today has revealed that UKIP is currently on course to make history in the constituency of Thurrock next year by electing a UKIP MP.

Chadwell travellers given 24 hours notice to move on

THE GROWING problem of travellers illegally encamping in Thurrock and surrounding areas continued as Essex Police gave a group who had encamped in Chadwell St Mary, 24 hours to move on.

Essex Fest: Thurrock Council detail the conditions they failed to meet.

THURROCK Council have detailed the conditions that the aborted two day festival called Essex Fest failed to meet. The two specific requirements of the licence that the Essex Fest organisers failed to meet at the required times were:

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