Over 500 sign Aveley homes petition

OVER 500 people have signed a petition against the plans to build over 500 homes on green belt land in Aveley. Aveley and Uplands councillor. Maureen Pearce and Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle Price set up the petition after outcries from the Aveley public regarding the development planned on what is known as the Old Firemans Club on Purfleet Road in Aveley.

Labour full of praise for East Thurrock United’s new stadium

LABOUR’S ruling cabinet was full of praise for the proposal to move East Thurrock United football club from their present site on Rookery Hill to a new stadium on the Billet Field. Council leader, John Kent left the room as he is president of the club and portfolio holder for central services, cllr Phil Smith also declared an interest as he is a season ticket holder.

Communication breakdown over housing repairs in Ockendon claims councillor

IN our opinion, the problems with bad work, untreated damp and mould and poor communication is that severe that the administration should consider stopping the plan and use the money to finally eradicate the damp and mould by undertaking a complete survey as to its causes. It then needs to consider whether or not it is getting value for money by allowing what appears to be sub contracting to sub standard non communicating operatives.

What will happen to health care in Thurrock after May?

THE scary reality is that Thurrock is the third lowest in the country in terms of spend per head in adult social care – which is not something to celebrate. This means that there is no more fat on the bone to be trimmed off. Many of the people we support in the community feed themselves on £20 per week – imagine suddenly only having £12 per week; what would you do?

Doyle Price speaks to Newsnight over Maria Miller case

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle Price has told Newsnight what she would do if she was in the same position of (now former) Culture Secretary, Maria Miller’s position. Speaking to the BBC programme and just a few hours before the Basingstoke MP resigned, Ms Doyle Price alongside other MPs with slim majorities was asked regarding the expenses scandal and the implications for those in marginal seats.

MEP Vicky Ford explains changes to Common Agricultural Policy

ON the day the National Farmers Union launch their European elections manifesto, East Anglian MEP Vicky Ford has launched a plain English guide to summarise the reform negotiations. The Common Agricultural Policy remains one of the largest parts of the EU budget. Substantial reforms were negotiated last year and farmers are still waiting for detailed guidance on policy areas which will affect what they plant in the fields this year. Many East Anglian farmers and environmental organisations have contacted MEPs asking for details.

Police bosses curry favour in Tilbury meeting

A LIVELY public meeting in Tilbury meant that the residents from across the Thurrock area could speak directly with the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex about the subjects that matter to them most. The two-hour meeting was held on 3rd April at the Gateway Academy in Tilbury, Thurrock’s District Commander Chief Inspector Ben Hodder, Inspector Lee Argent, Inspector Leigh Norris and Lucy Magill, Chair of Community Safety Partnership (CSP) & Head of Public Protection at Thurrock Council, discussed a range of community safety topics with an audience of over 40 people.

Education boss “Pleased” by Ofsted report

THURROCK’S education chief, Cllr John Kent says he is “really pleased” Ofsted has “recognised the rapid improvement we have made”. Cllr Kent, who is also Leader of the Council, was speaking after the government inspectors published their letter to the council following a “focused” inspection regime of the borough.

UKIP unveil Labour defector

UKIP unveiled the latest defector to their ranks in a meeting at Orsett Hall last night (Tuesday). Anne-Marie Waters contested the Labour candidacy for the Thurrock seat in 2011, losing to Polly Billington.

Ofsted deliver “mixed” report after inspection blitz in Thurrock

AN OFSTED report into the recent inspection of seven Thurrock schools has delivered a mixed message to the council. Of the seven schools inspected as part of the focused inspection activity: three were judged to be ‘good’

Superhead superangry at not so super Ofsted report

THE SUPER-head at Stifford Clays primary school has lashed out at Ofsted after his school was told that it “Required Improvement”. Great things had been expected of the award-winning Stifford Clays head, Anthony Peltier, when he was head-hunted to the job in 2012.

MP celebrates victory for Visteon

AFTER a long four year campaign, Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, is celebrating victory for the Visteon Pensioners as Ford enter into constructive and binding talks with the view to settle claims for losses with a multi million pound deal in the very near future. Joined by colleagues across the House, […]

The Good Doctor’s Blog: The matter of health reform

AT the risk of sounding tautological, modernisation seems to be a modern obsession in the NHS. Politicians seem to think that they can gain popularity by modernising this that or the other service. Behind this thinking is an assumption that modern is good and old is bad. This is one of the most arrogant assumptions that go unchallenged most of the time. We can all think of many examples where old is much better than new. Generally speaking, old means durable and reliable.

South East LEP sets out its bold ambition for £10 billion investment in Thurrock and beyond.

OUR Growth Deal proposals highlight the unique potential of the South East economy, Our proposal is about the renewal of the physical and intellectual capital of our area. Alongside the upgrade of our roads, railways, harbours and homes, we put forward plans to raise educational and skills attainment to develop a workforce poised to grasp the new business and high-level job opportunities presented by our growth sectors and industries.

MEPs anger at child abuse images vote

THURROCK MEPs Vicky Ford (Cons) and Richard Howitt (Lab) spoke out in frustration last night after a close vote in the European Parliament which could severely limit the work of the Internet Watch Foundation in their fight against child sexual abuse images on the internet.

It is election time again…..

ALL of Thurrock will be going to the polls on Thursday, 22 May this year as European and local elections are held. However in four Thurrock wards, Chafford and North Stifford, Corringham and Fobbing, East Tilbury, and Stanford-le-Hope West, there will be no local election.

10% rise in food shoplifting in Thurrock

THE number of cases of food shoplifting in Thurrock rose by about 10% last year. Figures from Essex Police show there were 2,752 thefts in 2013, compared to 2,290 in 2012.

Traffic light switch off trial set for Thurrock roundabouts

THURROCK Council is planning to shut down roundabout traffic lights through the early hours along the A1306 arterial road. Lights at the Treacle Mine and the spiral roundabout to Lakeside will be shut off between midnight and 5am each day for three months as a pilot project to see what effect it has when traffic is light from later this month.

“United we stand” as hundreds attend Thames Crossing meeting

OVER THREE HUNDRED residents, concerned at the ever-looming prospect of another Thames crossing cutting through their homes and land, gathered at Orsett Hall on Wednesday night. The panel of politicians and council experts was chaired by BBC Essex’s James Whale in what was a passionate but professional exchange of views and question and answer.

Chadwell Hill travellers refuse to budge

AN order for travellers to move from Chadwell Hill has been ignored. As reported on Monday, a group of five caravans moved onto the area of green on Sunday night. Thurrock Council sprung into action and liaised with the Essex County Travellers Unit (ECTU) who issued a Direction to Leave on Monday afternoon.

Thurrock MP has “no confidence” in Thurrock Council planning committee

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle Price (JDP) has declared that she has no ‘confidence in the planning committee” of Thurrock Council. The outburst came on social media hub,Twitter as Ms Doyle Price was “discussing” the application for 501 homes on the old firemans club on Purfleet Road, Aveley, that is now the subject of a public inquiry.

The TIGER roars as 21 new jobs come to Thurrock

A WEST Thurrock company is planning to expand and create 21 jobs thanks to the TIGER fund. Ashby & Croft of Oliver Road is expanding its innovative modular building systems and the TIGER funds will help create new yard surfaces to expand the operational areas; a new security office; and new lighting to provide a more secure site – especially at night.

Labour’s energy bill freeze for Thurrock blocked by coalition says Le-Surf

THE LABOUR candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Mike Le-Surf has criticised MP Stephen Metcalfe for voting “against a freeze on bills for 39,491 households in South Basildon and East Thurrock”. Thousands of households across South Basildon and East Thurrock were denied an energy bill freeze says Mr Le-Surf following a vote in the House of Commons.

Kent exasperated by Tories “skewing the truth” over Barking and Dagenham

IT is important to remember that we are doing this to help deal with the deepest cuts ever made to local government funding. Thurrock has already had £30 million cut from its budgets with £25 million more to come. We are saving £1 million a year through sharing services with others – half of that with Barking and Dagenham. Thurrock Conservatives need to come clean and tell us what extra cuts they would make instead of continuing to share some senior officers.

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