In praise of Stan and a certain Mr Speight

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle Price rose on the floor of the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Question Time (PMQs) to praise the work done by the Thurrock branch of the RAF as well as the editor of the Thurrock Enquirer, Neil Speight in ensuring that former member of Bomber Command, Stan Franks receives a proper funeral as befitting a war hero.

“Economic terrorism” Doyle-Price rails against Unite tactics on London Gateway

WITHIN the last few months, the fight by Unite has been slowly escalating. Unite campaigners have been demonstrating outside the offices of potential clients and shareholders. Worse than that, they have encouraged their sister unions, in ports across Europe, to undertake industrial action. This is a concerted attack on a business which amounts to economic terrorism.

Doyle-Price welcomes immigration bill

SPEAKING in the House of Commons, Jackie Doyle-Price welcomed the immigration bill which obtained its second reading last week.

The bill intends to tackle illegal immigration and overstaying on the part of people who come in on visitor and student visas. The bill will restrict the right of migrants with no legal right to be here to access NHS services, bank accounts, driving licences and housing. The Bill also toughens penalties against those who employ illegal immigrants.

Thurrock MP slams unions over Grangemouth

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price rose on the floor of the House to question the unions efforts to save workers jobs in Grangemouth.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “The competitive challenges facing the refining market have been well established for a number of years and led to the closure of Petroplus in Coryton last year. “In view of the competitive challenge, is it not regrettable that the local branch of Unite was more interested in manipulating the Labour party in Falkirk than in representing the interests of its members?

MP Jackie wins concessions for Thurrock users of the Dartford crossing

“I AM also announcing today important changes to the discount scheme, which will help local people who use the Dartford-Thurrock crossing, following a persuasive campaign by my hon. Friends the Members for Dartford (Gareth Johnson) and for Thurrock (Jackie Doyle-Price). From March 2014, those registered on the schemes will be able to make unlimited trips over the crossing for just £20 a year. For the first time, we will include privately registered vans, offering a welcome boost to small businesses.”

Doyle-Price urges George Osborne to rethink proposals on Dartford Crossing.

BUT it also illustrates that the options under consideration are the wrong ones. They would simply add to congestion on the M25 and the A13. The Government needs to think again. A new crossing at Canvey offers the opportunity to link the M2 and the M11 and establish a new outer ring road. That would bring real resilience to the road network. Dependency on too few crossings brings real risk which is costing our economy badly.”

Thurrock MP in clash on high cost of credit.

MY remarks today will focus on what I think we would all agree has been a regulatory failure in this section of the market, and I want to refer to a Public Accounts Committee report which some hon. Members present today were involved in producing. We looked at the regulation of consumer credit earlier this year, and we reached the firm conclusion that the Office of Fair Trading had been found wanting in getting to grips with tackling some of the more unpleasant practices of high-cost lenders.

Syria: Doyle-Price: “Saddened” by “Little Englanders”

Ed Miliband should feel ashamed of himself. The Prime Minister acceded to all his requests – publication of the legal advice; a commitment that no military intervention would take place until the weapons inspectors had reported; a commitment to no intervention without a second vote in Parliament, but no, Mr Miliband refused to play. Miliband could have behaved like a statesman. He chose opportunism instead. Still if you become leader of the Labour Party via the office of Tony Benn and special adviser to Gordon Brown with not a lot of the real world thrown in, politics will seem like a game. But this is more than a game – we are dealing with people’s lives.

Green light for Grays High Street flats despite church opposition

THE LOCAL residents opposing the planning application for a mixed use development at 76 High Street in Grays suffered a defeat at the Planning Committee last night (Thursday). Judged by the officer in charge of the matter as having a positive effect on the regeneration plans for the area that outweighed any harm, the application for 41 flats and several commercial units gained a sizeable opposition.

MPs united on stance on Syria: “The world must act and the time is now”.

WE in Britain are lucky to live in a free society and Britain can be proud of its role in advancing the cause of freedom and liberty throughout the world. There are those who say action is not in the national interest. I would state that defending humanity is very much in the national interest. If we condone evil, it will flourish and the world will become an ever more dangerous place. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council it is our duty to uphold international law. Britain must show moral leadership and I am proud that we are doing so. Just as it required military action to stop the atrocities in the former Yugoslavia we must make a stand and show the world that civilised societies will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons.

Jackie Doyle-Price backs Referendum Bill in the House of Commons

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price used the second reading debate of the EU referendum Bill to enthusiastically back the proposal for a referendum which will be held by 2017. Jackie told the House, “We have heard a lot of talk about those who want a vote now. That is fine, for those who are of the view that our current relationship with Europe is satisfactory or for those just want to leave the EU, but the reality is that most of the British people, and most of the Conservative party, are in the same space as me, thinking that there can be a role and a constructive relationship with Europe, but that at the moment it is not right. Europe simply has too much power. We need the opportunity to seek a renegotiation and put that to the British people.

Jackie Doyle-Price rejects options for Thames crossing and calls on Government to relook at options D and E

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has reiterated her opposition to the three proposals for a new Thames crossing and called on the Government to take another look at two options downstream. When the proposals for a new crossing were first circulated in 2009, there were five options. These were the three currently under consideration and option D a link between the M2 and Canvey; and option E Isle of Grain to Southend. These options appear to have been discounted on the basis of cost.

MP meets minister to press for free-flow tolling on Dartford crossing

JACKIE said, “I am pleased that Patrick took the time to see for himself the potential impact of the options. I was able to highlight the issues raised with me by local residents about the impact on local traffic, the green belt and the A13. I also expressed my desire to see proper assessment of the potential impact of new London crossings and for the Department to properly consider the option of a new outer ring further downstream. I am pleased that the Secretary of State was sympathetic to my representations regarding the residents discount scheme.

Jackie Doyle-Price to spearhead referendum bill in Parliament

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price is one of 11 MPs who is sponsoring James Wharton’s Private Members Bill as it makes its passage through Parliament. If successful the Bill will lead to the first public vote on Europe for forty years. The Bill commits a Conservative Government to holding a referendum by 2017. The question will ask whether the UK should be a member of the European Union.

Thurrock MP sets record straight on EU vote.

“My position has always been that Europe has too much power and that we should renegotiate our relationship with Europe and then put the issue to the British people in a referendum. That is the manifesto pledge I will be standing on at the next election. The message is clear,. If you vote Conservative at the next election you will get a in/out referendum.

Pressure groups slam Thurrock MP over EU referendum vote

THE all-party People’s Pledge campaign has condemned local MP Jackie Doyle Price for failing to vote for an EU referendum in Parliament on Tuesday May 14th.

The People’s Pledge ran a ballot in the Thurrock constituency last year that showed that 89% of local voters favoured the holding of an EU referendum. The constituency was chosen by the People’s Pledge because Ms Doyle Price had voted in the House of Commons in October 2011 against holding a referendum.

Thurrock MP welcomes plans to strengthen probation service

LAST year 600,000 crimes were committed by people who had broken the law before. 212 people who had done time for murder were convicted of new offences. 3292 people who had been convicted of rape were convicted of fresh offences.

Jackie said, “clearly there is something not right with a regime which half of all offenders leave prison and commit fresh crimes which see them locked up again within a year. Of course our prison regime is about punishment, but it is about rehabilitation too. It is bad for public safety that criminals are simply released into the community simply to reoffend.

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