Polly hit out at unsecured loan stats in Purfleet

THE prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock (Lab) Polly Billington has reacted with anger at the news that the Purlfeet and West Thurrock areas are in the “top ten” in the UK for unsecured loans. An unsecured loan included pay day loans but may also be credit and debt cards.

Labour candidates pour scorn on Osborne visit

“FAMILIES in Thurrock are facing a cost-of-living crisis with wages £1,600 lower than they were in May 2010. When you also take into account the £900 a year that people have lost thanks to Osborne’s tax and benefit changes it’s no wonder people are struggling. For Osborne to come here and tell people how great life is for them just shows how out of touch he really is.”

Polly slams the state of The State

THE PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington (Labour) has slammed the state of The State Cinema. An area of Grays High Street was cordoned off on Saturday after reports that debris from the building had blown off and landed on the precinct.

Labour candidates question Tory MP’s efforts on Lower Dartford Crossing

BOTH Thurrock candidates for next years general election have questioned the efforts of the two Conservative MPs in the debate for the second Dartford Crossing. Stephen Metcalfe and Jackie Doyle-Price have both poured scorn on Options A and C that run through Thurrock and have implored the government to look at a plan that runs east of the borough.

Polly slams Doyle-Price over violence against shop-workers bill

THURROCK’S Labour candidate for parliament, Polly Billington has called on Jackie Doyle-Price to ‘Back the Bill’ to legally protect shop workers against violence and abuse. The subject has been highlighted by Ms Billington after a bill was put before parliament to make it a specific offence to assault a shop worker.

Polly backs Thurrock Living Wage campaign

THIS week is living wage week and in line with the rising energy bills and cost of living, Labour politicians have continued to back a living wage in Thurrock of £7.65. Ed Milliband has also pledged to give a £1000 tax break to every business who pays their staff a living wage.

Polly urges residents to help save stroke unit

POLLY said: “Next week our local NHS will make a very important decision which could have a very bad impact on people in Thurrock who suffer a stroke. I, and hundreds of others in our community are deeply concerned about the proposal that the hyper-acute stroke unit could be downgraded at Basildon Hospital. Many have signed the e-petition on the Downing Street website that I set up to ensure anyone concerned about this can register their opposition online.

Polly in positive mood following conference

FOR prospective parliamentary candidate Polly Billington, it was straight from the Labour party conference in Brighton to Stifford Clays in order to help with the fight for the by-election. So, YT took the opportunity to ask Polly what were the positives following the conference.

Polly tells Newsnight: “It is about survival not conservatories.”

THE PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington, has spoken to BBC’s Newsnight over what are the concerns and for voters in Thurrock. Polly was speaking to reporter, Allegra Stratton at the Labour Party Conference. The issue debated was whether Labour needed to focus on people who “owned or aspired to own a conservatory.” But […]

Polly says: “End exploitative zero hours contracts

LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate for Thurrock is calling for an end to the exploitation of hard-working people employed on zero-hour contracts. Zero-hours contracts can lead to insecurity and stress for many families in Thurrock which is why Polly Billington has welcomed Labour’s plans to outlaw their exploitive use.

Polly questions latest job figures

PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock (Lab), Polly Billington has reacted with anger at the latest set of job figures for Thurrock. Latest Labour Market Statistics for Thurrock claim that the number of over 25′s in Thurrock claiming JSA is up by over 50%.

“No ambition from Doyle-Price” claims Labour candidate

PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock (Lab), Polly Billington has slammed Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price over what she sees is a lack of “anger” at recent figures that show Thurrock has the lowest number of students, in receipt of free school meals that go on to university.

Polly “outraged” at Tory health snub

LABOUR candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington is demanding a proper response from government minister Anna Soubry to the concerns of Thurrock people to drastic underfunding of public health. Polly says: “She has shown utter disregard for Thurrock people by her failure to respond to Thurrock’s public health funding crisis.”

Thurrock Labour wish NHS “Happy 65th birthday”

THE NHS was celebrating its 65th anniversary at the weekend. Thurrock Labour were out in force in Grays High Street to celebrate the event. But was “celebrate” the right word?

Labour launch campaign to support stroke unit at Basildon hospital

THURROCK Labour has today launched a campaign against the proposed downgrading of Basildon and Thurrock’s highly-rated specialist stroke unit, based at Basildon University Hospital.

Polly expresses concerns over health spending

MORE people in Thurrock die of smoking related diseases than the national average.

We have more obese children and adults, worse rates of diabetes and fewer mums breast-feeding their children. The life expectancy of a man living in Tilbury is more than eight years less than a man living in Orsett. This isn’t just unfair, it’s also uneconomic. The burden on the NHS including GPs’ surgeries is increased by this ill-health.

Polly backs State Cinema to 02 campaign

“I hope O2 is encouraged to look at the feasibility of the idea. What started on Twitter and Facebook is growing in strength as more and more residents support the idea. It shows there is great enthusiasm in Thurrock to make Grays a dynamic town centre and that many people want to use this historic building in a way that will benefit the community and bring in visitors.

Polly wants to know more about “zero hours contracts”

“I want to know how many people are being employed, left on stand-by and sometimes not being paid from one weekend to the next. Zero hours contracts are often the way that employers use to keep their work force “flexible” – but sometimes it’s so “flexible” there is little or no work and pay and it plays havoc with people’s incomes and lives.

Polly hits back at Tory policy on ‘bedroom Tax”

Ms Billington has responded by saying: “I am disappointed but not surprised by Cllr Gledhill’s response on the bedroom tax. £70 may not sound like a lot to him but it is to many of the families who are being affected. Some, because of other changes will have to find more, whilst some of the poorest are facing this – the highest earners are getting a tax cut?

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