Thursday, September 21, 2023


SEVEN Governors at Chafford Hundred Primary School have resigned in protest at “mismanagement” over possible redundancies

In a damning letter sent to the new Corporate Director of Children, Education and Families, Malcolm Newsam, the Governors led by the Chair Farida Mukadam detail how they have “lost faith” with the school’s leaders.

The disaffected seven levelled their criticisms both at the senior management led by Headteacher Mike Lovett and the Local Education Authority.

The governors claim that:
“Jobs were put at risk due to the mismanagement of the allocated budget”
“Redundancy process was fatally flawed”
“Senior Leadership Team have not acted in the best interests of the school”
“No meaningful support from the Local Authority”

It is understood that the bone of contention was the recruiting of six Teaching Assistants (TA’s) in September 2008. The Governors claim that they were not consulted and were concerned whether the school could afford to run 28 TA’s in a school of over 600 children.

It is claimed that come the new financial year (April 2009) a “re-appraisal” of the employment status of the 28 TA’s took place.

YourThurrock spoke to Tunde Ojetola in his capacity as a “remaining governor.”

The team of governors who resigned from Chafford Hundred will speak to YourThurrock this weekend.

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  1. Does Tunde Ojetola think a team of 7 governors stepping down is resolution to a problem…. I’m sure any concerned parent would probably thinking right now, something must be very wrong with the management team for half the governing body to step down like this? Lets hope a resolution to this problems is overcome quickly and does not effect the children & quality of education at the school!


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