Saturday, September 23, 2023

Council Inspects Basildon Hospital

IF YOU don’t ask, you don’t get. Chair of the Health Committee, Cllr Wendy Herd and Corporate Director Lorna Payne accepted the invitation to visit Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital last friday.

Not on a quiet wednesday morning but on a busy friday evening with access all areas including A and E.

YourThurrock spoke to Aveley councillor Wendy Herd about the experience as well as her insistence that the committee see a copy of the internal report on Basildon Hospital by the Price Waterhouse Cooper.


  1. My my my. Is n’t Councillor Herd out and about alot these days when the residents of Aveley and Uplands have hardly seen hide or hair of her for much of the past four years! Perhaps as is usual she is getting her face about in the vain hope she will get in for another four years and then as previously sit back four the next 3 3/4 years until she has to come out and canvass for votes to remain in power. Why was she so adamant in giving lip service to opposition to the DC’s backed development of 350 homes in the Green Belt at Belhus Chase off the Aveley By-pass only to later support the Tories backed LDF core strategy which surprisingly included this controversial development backed by the DC in their own master plan. It is rather like the proverbial shooting one self in ones own foot in Wendy having supported something which she purported to fight in public to prevent. Perhaps her private views are at variance to her avowed public sentiments? Surely Wendy who was perceived to be so vordiferous in her opposition to this green-belt development should have not supported this part of the LDF Core Strategy and in doing so betraying us the residents who believed she was vehemently opposed to such development. Ps Wendy be seen but not W Herd! Mike you are going to have to start paying me for such good commentary.


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