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Ward By Ward: Aveley

Aveley and Uplands

Tim Aker (UKIP)

Colin Churchman (Ind)

Wendy Herd (Cons)

Cliff Holloway (Lab)

Dave Strickson (BNP)


Well we are doing this alphabetically but what a ward to start with. As you may have seen,there has been quite a number of comments on our site re the fight for the Aveley seat. It is all getting very interesting.

The debate centres around the return of former Tory Mayor Colin Churchman standing as an Independent. The word on the street is that he is going to win. Well that is one street. Labour hope that UKIP, Cons and Colin drive a wedge and Cliff Holloway sneaks in on the rails. You tend to think that this should be a fruitful Labour ward but they haven’t been able to nurture a local candidate for a number of years now. You wonder why they didn’t have a sit down with Colin however Colin’s campaign hinges on getting away from politics.

Colin is an affable campaigner with his finger on the pulse of Aveley issues. It will be hard to fight against that.

UKIP’s Tim Aker  is a star for the future of his party. In many ways, the party is poked fun at for its collection of eccentrics but Tim will no doubt give the party added credibility.

He is also in possession of a political sophistication that other candidates can only dream of.

The point is that both were involved with the Thurrock Tories and illustrate the growing disaffection and internal strife with the party.

As for the incumbent, Wendy Herd, she has almost become the forgotten woman of the campaign which is a tad worrying. Her fellow colleagues John Cowell and Amanda Wilton have disappeared from view. Indeed, none of them even turned up for the launch of the parliamentary candidate Jackie Doyle-Price in Aveley!

Wendy’s work in the Health Committee and raising awareness of the building of new houses on the Green Belt has been well documented but you just have the feeling that she simply cannot live with the pace of Colin and Tim.

Still just under three weeks to go but this looks grin reading for the Tories.

Prediction: Colin Churchman. Ind Gain

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