Monday, April 15, 2024

Hospital Review Called For

Aveley councillor Wendy Herd has called for a full review of the strategic management of Basildon and Thurrock Hospital. At Full Council on wednesday, the councillor expressed her concern that residents all over the borough are refusing to use the beleaguered hospital.

Cllr Herd said: “I have tabled this motion for two reasons, the first in to give the residents of Thurrock some comfort in the fact “ we “ Thurrock council are listening to their concerns about the issues they have mentioned and do so at ward surgeries, letters to us and through the local media at their caution in using the hospital.

“As I said my first point was to restore confidence in using the hospital.

“It is a fact stated by the pct people are choosing not to use the hospital. This needs to be address urgently. Basildon is the local provider and we as an authority should be advocating

“We all know our own wards; many of these will be highly deprived areas, low aspirations and low uptake on some of the screening services offered. Thurrock is a deprived area with health inequalities that are quite frankly in the 21st century appalling, many of our residents, your neighbours, friends, and family will have a lower than expected lifespan.

“And it is for these reasons we all need to be sure that the hospital is absolutely the best it can be.
Many residents will be on low income having to rely on public transport to be able to access health care if this is the case they will not be able to make the choices I have mentioned

“The second is to forge a way forward to improve communication with the trust and ourselves which would only be of benefit to the residents.
We have a slot on our agenda for reports from outside bodies. We have rarely had any communication given us early alert as to the issues that unfolded before Christmas. I believe this would have gone a long way to giving the chamber and therefore the public the relevant and very necessary information to quell these concerns.

“I feel the time is now to ensure this happens in the future and it would be of great benefit to give the hospital this opportunity to present this council with a report next month of how we got to where we are and how we are moving forward. In this climate where budgets are tight, scrutiny and open & honest accountability is everything and can only be a good thing.


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