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Basildon Hospital Pay-out After Wrong Leukemia Diagnosis

Rushed into hospital and wrongly diagnosed with leukemia, Anthony Moore was told he would die within a year.

But the 46-year-old was actually suffering from nerve damage brought on by drugs prescribed by doctors when they diagnosed him with MRSA.

However, the diagnosis had been wrong on that occasion too.

The Daily Mail has reported that the stunning string of errors made by doctors at Basildon Hospital, Essex, has lead to them paying Mr Moore £175,000 as compensation.

He was first admitted to the hospital with an infected wound. Doctors diagnosed MRSA and prescribed him the antibiotic Linezolid.

Five days later he was readmitted suffering from severe anaemia, swelling and low haemoglobin levels.

Mr Moore was then diagnosed with leukaemia and told he had just 12 months to live.

But his symptoms were later discovered to be a condition called peripheral neuropathy, or nerve damage.

It is believed to have been caused by the prolonged and unmonitored administration of Linezolid – which he was given to treat the suspected MRSA – had caused damage to his central nervous system.

In his claim against the hospital Mr Moore said he has been left with damage to nerves in his arms and legs as well as a nerve palsy in his left knee. He has trouble walking now, and falls over frequently.

Experts have said the damage may be permanent, and he is likely to need more knee surgery which may even be an amputation above the knee.

He said he is now restricted in his work because he has problems climbing ladders.

Mr Moore added that being told he only had a year to live has also left him with a psychological scar.

He was awarded an out-of-court settlement after the hospital blunders.

A statement from Mr Moore’s solicitor firm Withy King told the reporter that: ‘The claimant was incorrectly advised he was suffering from leukaemia and would die within a year, but it was subsequently discovered that he was actually suffering from peripheral neuropathy believed to have been caused by prolonged and unmonitored administration of Linezolid.

‘The claimant alleged negligence in prescribing Linezolid as he did not have MRSA, and for failing to monitor blood results weekly in accordance with national guidelines. The liability was not disputed.’

A friend, who did not want to be named, said: ‘He has been through a terrible ordeal and he just wants to put it behind him.’

Hospital spokeswoman Nicola Laver said: ‘As this was an out of court settlement, it would be inappropriate for us to comment.’


  1. Shock Horror, Basildon Hospital embroiled in a scandal!!!!

    How many more times will Basildon Hospital get away with failures to patients and failure to public health?

    Why has the CEO not stepped down as yet, they are ultimatley responsible for the fiasco that is going on in this place.

    Things will only get worse as the continue to develop the outlying areas and more and more people move into the area and the developers do not increase the health care units or expand the existing ones, Basildon Hospital is already oversubscribed yet more and more people are moveing into the surrounding areas


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