Monday, March 27, 2023

Demonstrations outside Grays Sikh temple

OVER 250 Sikh demonstrators from across the UK demonstrated outside the Grays Sikh temple in Maidstone Road in an attempt to prevent meat and alcohol from being served at a wedding.

The group confronted the temple committee who were adamant that the party would go ahead. The demonstrators went into the hall to prevent the ceremony.

Private talks over the contravention, known as Beadbi took place.

A spokesperson for the demonstrators said: “The committee said that although they agree with them, they were in no position to take a decision as their local community had approved the usage of the party hall.

After no resolution being reached, the Grays Gurdwara committee and local community have been given one month to confirm whether they will implement the ruling of no alcohol and meat.

The group, although peaceful threatened to take away a number of religious symbols next time

The whole peaceful protest was filmed by Sikh TV and Sikh Channel.

Members of the Sikh committee were contacted but did not submit a statement.


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