Winegate -Tory response

Statement from Gary Hague Leader of Thurrock Conservatives

“With respect to the alleged incident that occurred at a fireworks event at Castle Point Council involving three East Thurrock councillors. The councillors in question have given an unreserved apology to Castle Point Council for any embarrassment that they might have caused. I have discussed this matter with the Leader of Castle Point Council and no official complaint is being made.

“Following the conclusion of our investigation into this incident disciplinary action will be considered as appropriate.”

Former leader of the Tory Party has called for all three councillors to resign. A filmed interview with Terry Hipsey will appear later tonight.

We are also hoping to bring you a statement from Danny Nicklin and Eddie Hardiman.

yourthurrock has spoken at length to Deputy mayor Eddie Hardiman tonight but he has declined to give us a filmed interview tonight but may do so tomorrow.

Thurrock Council Leader John Kent will speak to us in the morning

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