Fans in hospital and dozens fight at mass brawl after local derby

A TILBURY football supporter has been hospitalised after being hit by a brick after a fight numbering a hundred people took place after the Tilbury v Grays local derby today.

The violence took place just outside the Chadfields ground after Tilbury had beaten Grays 3-2 in the Ryman League Division North fixture.

Over 300 fans attended the fixture which on the whole was well behaved. Grays went ahead in the 14th minute to a goal which looked offside. A missile was thrown onto the pitch and a fan leapt over the barrier and remonstrated with the Tilbury manager, Paul Vaughan.

The violence took place fifteen minutes after the match had ended. Bricks, bottles, chairs as well as punches were thrown leaving a number of people injured and at least one person requiring hospital treatment.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we had a call to a mass brawl involving over a hundred people outside Tilbury FC. One person who was hit by a brick has been taken to Basildon hospital.

“We can confirm that there has, at this time, no arrests.”

There had been concerns regarding violence at the game after the game in August when rival fans scuffled and chief executive, Andy Swallow confronted Tilbury fans and had to be led away.

A police source close to YourThurrock disclosed that they believed that a number of the “participants” were a “Loughton contingent”.

However, chief exec Andy Swallow who owns The Academy in Loughton was quick to distance himself.

He said: “I saw something kicking off but I quickly drove away. I learned my lesson from last time.”

There have been further reports of Tilbury fans driving into Grays in search of Grays fans. The matter has also been discussed on West Ham United forums where bloggers have been giving the impression that the incident was pre-meditated.

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