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Key week for Thurrock Tories

THE THURROCK Conservative group have tabled a series of tough questions for the ruling Labour group at tomorrow (Tuesday) nights council meeting.

An impressive performance may well buoy the party to go into the local elections on May 5th in good heart. A lacklustre one and they may well go back to their wards and prepare for obscurity.

Leader of the Conservative Group, cllr Garry Hague said: “We will be robustly challenging what Labour are proposing with respect to cutting these key front line services during the debate in the Council Chamber on 1st March.

“Whilst we support the need to make efficiency savings to help the Coalition Government deal with the financial crisis left by the last Labour Government, Thurrock Councils’ Labour administration has decided where the axe will fall in Thurrock and what services they plan to cut.

“Conservatives have serious concerns at the way a number of front line services valued by residents have been targeted by Labour for cuts”.

The Conservatives will also be targeting the Labour administration over the brewing controversy over primary school places in Tilbury.

The group are also not letting go of the Basildon hospital controversy where many Tories in public and in private feel that council leader John Kent’s position on the board of the beleaguered hospital leaves Labour vulnerable.

Outside the chamber, YourThurrock understands that despite less than ten weeks to go before the local elections, the Tories have yet to field a number of candidates in the wards, especially in the west of the borough whilst in the east, their vote will be in danger of splitting as UKIP and Concerned Conservative candidates may be competing against them.


  1. Gary Hague says in his statement ‘We will be robustly challenging what Labour are proposing with respect to cutting key front line services’.

    Now as the former leader of the council you would expect Gary would have taken the opportunity to challenge way before the budget setting process tomorrow nite. I would think that he has had several meetings with Graham Farrent and his officers and will have known what the proposals looked like and that they are essential to keeping the council solvent.

    All of the budget decisions have been to Cabinet and as far as i understand he would have had every opp to call in any decision the cabinet made. All of the proposals would have gone to scrutiny and some even to cross party task and finish groups as a result of this open way of working. There have been public consultations and the leader and cabinet have been out with the chief exec and senior officers speaking to the thurrock community about the 10 million cuts that Mr Cameron has inflicted on Thurrock residents.

    If the Conservatives were so concerned why did they not call in the decisions and offer alternatives well before tomorrow nite. It does seem a little odd that he/they have left it to the meeting where the press are there to say he does not agree with the proposed budget.

    Come on Gary you know that you are only doing this to get yourself some good press. You should have spent since last June looking at these budgets not last Sunday!

  2. Imposed by Mr Cameron, maybe, but his fault, no.

    Last I checked it was not Mr Cameron who squandered billions in taxes raised from Banks and City Bonuses in the boom years. It was not Mr Cameron who recklessly worked up a multi-billion pound deficit which has caused us to be in over £1 trillion debt. It was not Mr Cameron who used borrowed money which will be paid for by taxpayers to go on a pre-election spending spree.

    These are Labour cuts, caused by Labour incompetence

  3. I have to agree with L, the cuts may well be imposed by Government but it wasn’t as if the last lot left them with much choise. However, what is important is the way the cuts are made. If front line services are being cut it is because that’s where the council has decided to make the cuts. It is not compulsory to cut frontline services. I wonder if the proposed cuts are from necessity or political expedience? After all, cutting front line services means the Parliamentary Labour Party can bash the Government about it and isn’t that a jolly wheeze? I for one would like to see a list of all the projects that the council spends its money on both before and after the cuts so that I could get a better idea of whether the cuts made were spread fairly or were badly done and politically motivated.

  4. What a great night for the Conservatives in Thurrock!!

    The council voted for the conservative alternative budget and also, the conservative proposed council tax reduction.

    “Going back to their wards and prepare for obscurity” – You must be joking, the council will be secured with a convincing majority. Council Tax reduction, saving the PCSO funding, increasing the cleaning and greening and, the biggest U-TURN by the administration…. Keeping weekly bin collections…. All Conservative proposals.

    The Labour party is just a toothless lame duck administration, always has been, always will be.


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