Hospital going green this week

To mark this week’s Climate Week, Basildon and Orsett Hospitals point to the great strides they have made in improving energy efficiency and promoting environmentally friendly initiatives.

Improvements include the installation of a number of new energy efficient boilers, which release low CO2 into the atmosphere and a baler, which collects loose cardboard and is saving up to £20k a year in disposal costs.

The Trust is now recycling much that it used to send to landfill – almost two thirds of its general waste is now being recycled.

Latest figures show that the Trust’s recycling activities since last summer have saved the equivalent of nearly 900 trees (which will have in turn removed 26 tonnes of pollutants from the air), 8,000 cubic yards of landfill space, more than 1,000 hours of someone watching TV in electricity usage and 900,000 gallons of water.

Fraser Cutting, Waste Manager is constantly looking to improve the Trust’s carbon footprint and save money: “We are wholeheartedly behind the aims of
Climate Week. We’re looking at all areas where we can recycle and will soon be in a position to recycle plastics and aluminium cans.”

The Trust is working to improve its green credentials and has initiated a number of actions including automatically shutting down PC monitors at night
and asking staff to use double-sided printing and non-colour prints as their default setting.

Staff are also being encouraged to ‘think green’ about how they get to work. The Trust’s Active Travel plan promotes cycling, walking or using public
transport. Well-lit cycling shelters have been provided and staff can purchase a bike at a reduced cost through deductions direct from their salary.

Discounted bus and rail fares are also available to staff to encourage a greater take-up of public transport.

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