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Violence erupts as EDL threaten to burn Koran on Grays High Street


POLICE AND members of the English Defence League clashed on Grays High Street this afternoon after a Muslim stall was upturned and threats were made to burn a copy of the Koran.

Member of the EDL and Hope not Hate had gathered near to Grays Railway Station around lunchtime today (Saturday).

Both groups clashed at Grays Railway Station where the EDL attempted to get the UAF supporters back on the trains.

A number of EDL walked down the High Street where they saw a stall run by the Ahmadyya Association.

According to chairperson Basharad Ahamd Pir: “They scattered all our books and turned the stall over. One of them then got a lighter out and held the Koran and demanded that we burn it.

“It was very frightening but we remained calm. We are here to preach peace and love and will be back next week”.

Mr Pir thanked the local MP’s Jackie Doyle Price and Stephen Metcalfe who were manning a “No to AV” stall around the corner.

On police arrival, Ms Doyle Price pointed them to where the EDL were protesting.

Both MPs roundly condemned the activities and met with the stallholders afterwards to ensure they were alright.

Essex Police confirmed that they had been called to a number of incidents.

A spokesperson said: “We were called to Grays railway station after reports that members of the EDL had gathered there.

“We kept them under close observation near the area. There were no arrests.”

Later that evening, YT received a phone call from a person who identified themselves as a member of the EDL.

He stated: “There were no threats to burn any Koran. We admit to turning over the table which was wrong but the report of one of us holding up a lighter is pure fabrication.”


  1. “Love for all hatred for none”. I wish they would stick a comma after the word, ‘all’, as it reads, ‘love for all hatred’, which I assume is not the message they wish to get across.

  2. EDL was having confrontation with some extremists on that day so they went around targeting harmless people who were only there to spread the message of peace.
    I suggest you go and read up about Ahamdiyya Muslim Community. For those EDL members who couldn’t pass high school just ask me i can help you with some research about Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.


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