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Tory councillor says: “Vote UKIP”


A VETERAN Tory councillor has dealt an embarrassing blow to the Tories campaign to regain power at Thurrock Council by telling voters to turn their backs on his own group and vote for UKIP.

Aveley and Uplands councillor John Cowell has put up UKIP posters backing the local candidate Tim Aker in his hardware shop Arkwrights at the top of the High Street, Aveley.

Councillor Cowell is standing down on May 5th but is still registered by Thurrock Council as a member of the Conservative group.

An unrepentant councillor Cowell spoke to YourThurrock.

He said: “Young Tim Aker is a fine candidate and I agree with many of his policies, especially with respect to immigration and the European Union.

Asked if he felt he was betraying the Conservative candidate for Aveley, former Mayor, Maureen Pearce.

Cllr Cowell said: “Since she was selected, she has not exchanged one word with me at all.”

Councillor Cowell did not rule out a return to Thurrock politics under the UKIP banner.

He joins a number of disaffected former Conservatives in the political melting pot that is Thurrock politics. Cllr’s Anne Cheale and Ian Harrison broke away to form the Thurrock Concerned Conservatives, cllr Stuart St-Clair-Haslam left to join them and then left them to join UKIP.

A spokesperson for the Conservative group said: “Cllr Cowell has left the Conservative Party.”

Further reaction to follow.


  1. Rather careless of the Conservatives to lose yet another councillor. Is that number 6?

  2. Just did a count – they have lost 5 councillors

    1 – Hipsey
    2 – Cheale
    3 – St Clair-Haslam
    4 – Harrison
    5 – Cowell

  3. Maureen Pearce will be regreting the day she came back into politics, her retirement speach that she was going out while she was on top has all gone by the wayside. She will find that things have changed in The Thurrock Tory camp over the last year and not for the better.

    Your previous article shows you the amount of support she has been given by her Aveley standing Tory councillors Provost and Herd – neither of them even bothered to turn out for the big Aveley campaign day on Saturday.

    This further defection from the Thurrock Tories makes the fight for Aveley an wide open contest.

  4. To be brutally honest neither of the two main parties in Thurrock have made any major changes in the borough and they are only there to feather their own nests.

    Maybe it is time for a change within the borough however with the lack of canvassing and leaflet drops by the other partys (only had a knock from Labour but no info and a leaflet from the BNP) the local people do not know what the parties focus for the elected term will be for the area.


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