Basildon Hospital selected as ‘beacon site’ for roll out of national cancer campaign

DEMONSTRATING its commitment to providing high quality information for cancer patients and their carers, Basildon University Hospital has been selected as one of 15 national ‘beacon sites’ for the roll out of Cancer Information Prescriptions, intended to improve the quality of information provided to cancer patients.

Accurate, tailored, timely and accessible information is recognised in the Government’s latest cancer strategy as being vital to providing a good patient and carer experience.  Information prescriptions assist healthcare professionals to guide people to relevant and reliable sources of information about their condition, treatment options, care services and issues such as emotional aspects, diet and lifestyle, getting back to work as well as information to support carers. Patients feel more in control, better able to manage their condition and maintain their independence.

The Trust is working closely with the National Cancer Action Team (NCAT), in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK on this initiative and NCAT has provided a facilitator to work in the Trust, alongside cancer services to help integrate this service into the Trust’s existing day-to-day practice.

Georgina Mvere, Macmillan Information Prescriptions Facilitator from NCAT, will be based at Basildon University Hospital until August, working with the various teams involved in cancer care.  She has trained 30 members of staff on the best way to provide Cancer Information Prescriptions to patients and their carers. Fourteen of those staff will then be able to cascade the training provided to the wider team involved in providing services for cancer patients.

Sharon Quinn, Lead Nurse, Cancer and Palliative Care said:  “Patients can forget much of what they are told in a consultation, if they are distressed, shocked or quite understandably overwhelmed at the amount of information they are receiving.  Being well-informed in a simple, accurate and up to date way can improve outcomes for patients because they can gain a better understanding of their condition, how best to cope with their medication, how to make use of support and services available to them and of course, a greater understanding of self-care, which is a crucial factor for many patients in retaining independence.

“We are very proud that Basildon has been selected to integrate this invaluable service to our patients and are already reaping the benefits of having Georgina helping us to implement the service.”

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