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Baroness questions renewable energy in hospitals

Baroness Smith of Basildon rose to her feet on the floor of the House of Lords to ask a question re renewable energy in hospital.

To ask  how many and what percentage of hospital sites have renewable energy generated on site, broken down by type of energy generated and by county.

Earl Howe (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Quality), Health; Conservative)

The information is not available in the format requested because the department does not hold data on the number of hospital sites that have renewable energy generated on site. However, the department does collect data, through estates returns information collection (ERIC), on the amounts of renewable fossil and non-fossil energy consumed annually by each National Health Service organisation.

The latest ERIC data available relates to 2009-10, when the NHS reported that the total annual amount of electrical energy that it consumed that was supplied from an eligible renewable energy supply source was 665,017 gigajoules.

Over the same period, the amount of non-fossil energy supplied from an eligible renewable energy supply source was 226,616 gigajoules. All ERIC data are publicly available and are published at:www.hefs.ic.nhs.uk.

Data relating to the 2010-11 period will be available after 25 October 2011. The information provided has been supplied by the NHS and has not been amended centrally. The accuracy and completeness of the information is the responsibility of the provider organisation.


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