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Praise for MacMillan team at Basildon and Thurrock hospital

“A HIGHLY motivated, highly performing team,” was the phrase used to describe the Macmillan Palliative Care Team based at Basildon University Hospital and Macmillan Community Services, by assessors from the University of Leeds.

The assessors visited the Trust in November to judge the team for re-accreditation as a Practice Development Unit (PDU) for the fourth time. Accreditation as a PDU shows the team has achieved a recognised patient focussed quality mark through innovative ways of working and demonstrating leading edge best practice.

The Macmillan team took the assessors to Gray’s Shopping Centre, where they held a roadshow to share information with the public about their work, before inviting the assessors back to Basildon University Hospital for a display of the projects developed by the team over the past two years.

The assessors said: “We very much enjoyed a wonderfully inspiring visit, to a truly patient centred team. It was obvious to us that this is a very cohesive team: there was a genuine sense that everyone knew and respected each others’ skills, and enabled patients and their families to access the services that they need. It was clear to us that there is great intelligence within the team and that this is used entirely for benefits to patients.

“It was very pleasing to meet the Chairman, Chief Executive and Director of Nursing at the informal lunch session. In short, therefore, it was a privilege to meet this highly-motivated, highly-performing team and to share their day in what felt very much like a celebration of their great practice.”

The comments have been a welcome boost to the team, who work tirelessly providing support for cancer patients and their families in challenging times.

This was Sharon Quinn’s last reaccreditation as team leader, before leaving the Trust to take up post at St Luke’s Hospice. She said: “We were absolutely thrilled that the assessors could see how much hard work we put in and how much we have achieved. They made a few suggestions for how we can improve, but all-in-all we couldn’t have asked for better feedback.

“Our PDU journey has generated a lot of interest from other Trusts and organisations and we have been invited to share our work both locally and nationally. We became a PDU in 2000 and are very proud to have kept this status for so many years particularly, in the current economic climate. We are particularly grateful to Macmillan Cancer Support for providing us with a team grant to help fund the process.

“Being a PDU not only allows us to provide a responsive and innovative service to our patients, it also has a positive impact on staff morale, recruitment, retention and focus for the team.”

Alan Whittle, Chief Executive at Basildon University Hospital, said: “This is brilliant news for the Trust’s Macmillan support services and a much deserved acknowledgement for all the hard work put in by the team. I can’t remember ever seeing a more positive assessment report. I would like to say well done, to the whole team.”



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