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Twitter Updates for 2012-03-21

  • I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/3suBy9FJ Archery at Ockendon Academy #
  • I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/8d2HDq8i The Bloodhound Car at South Essex College #
  • Fobbing Road in Fobbing partially blocked in both directions at the B1420 Church Road junction, because of an accident. #thurrock #
  • Severe delays and queueing traffic on A13 Ripple Road westbound in Barking at Ripple Road Junction. Congestion to Lakeside #thurrock #
  • RT @annadoble: Budget 2012: Do small businesses want a cut in 50p tax rate? – http://t.co/o5BWp3FM #
  • RT @c2c_Rail: Apologies for the cancellation of the 0633 from Shoeburyness at Barking this is due to a fault on a train. #
  • RT @NCTEaling: Each year 3,000-5,000 children are born with #Downsyndrome Today is World Down Syndrome Day http://t.co/6BQIF5xF #
  • RT @paullewismoney: £1000 on income tax personal allowance sve txpayer £200 a year, £3.84 a week. 5% cut in 50p rate saves £200k £12,500 pa. #
  • RT @TfLTrafficNews: Still severe delays on #A13London coming into town. Q's from Lodge Avenue to Rainham Marshes. . #
  • http://t.co/gPvrUiLP Game shares suspended #
  • RT @HouseofTwits: RT @luke_tyson In #Thurrock 54k will get a tax cut and almost 7k will no longer be paying income tax thanks to Lib Dems. #
  • RT @Natures_Voice: RT @andrefarrar: Focus now on NPPF – real risk it comes in with 70% of local authorities plan-less http://t.co/TerniFrD #
  • Thurrock council meet just starting #
  • Seven cllrs absent and for the second month in a row no apologies from
    Cllr kiely #thurrock #
  • Mayor praises Leon
    Wray fundraisers 45k for op in USA #
  • Cllr Gerrish giving education report….heading
    In the
    Right direction….. #
  • Partnership says cllr Gerrish is what it's all about….. #
  • Tories slam poor primary results in thurrock..want all as academies.. #
  • Thurrock adult comm Coll commission
    South Essex Coll to deliver careers advice #
  • And now cllr worrall on communities and
    Celebrate thurrock
    2012 #
  • Cllr worrall pleased at no of street parties for diamond jub and Olympics #
  • We can feel a t fest question coming from the Tories #
  • 92 requests for bunting…… #
  • Kickednoffnre libraries
    Tories convinced many are potentially earmarked for disposal #
  • Lab tell cllr Anderson he is misleading council over closures #
  • Cllr revell has recvd t fest accounts after six months…no receipts
    9k in cash? #
  • Cllr worrall thanks thurrocks enquirer
    For bringing it to attention..well done mr speight #
  • Good argument btw Kent and Anderson
    Tories claim he was under gagging order
    Labour tells tories
    People arent stupid #
  • Its been a bit tense here..mayor warned tory mps advisor and cllr re conduct #


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