Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ward by Ward: South Chafford

ANOTHER of the straightforward seats. At least it should be. With its huge swathes of aspirational middle classes, Chafford has come to symbolise a forward thinking progressive Thurrock on the one hand or simply a dormitory for people to live.

The recession has touched Chafford. Housing developments such as the one in Howard Road have laid dormant for over a year and unemployment levels have been rising.

But it has a positive buzz about it, symbolised by the growing success of Harris Academy (Chafford Hundred).

Indeed Lord Harris of Peckham has been a major donor to Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle Price.

South Chafford has had the benefit of having Tunde Ojetola as its councillor for a few years now and it looks like he will be joined by son of Stanford, Charlie Key.

Charlie stood at Grays Riverside in 2010 and ran a highly professional campaign. He also gave a huge amount of help to the Jackie Doyle Price campaign.

At the very least, standing as a councillor will be a solid part of his CV as he moves on in life. Charlie is one of the youngest members of the Stanford Rotary Club.

At the most, he could bring a considered, intelligent contribution to the council and could move up in many years time to be a solid deputy leader. At worst, it might all become a bit too much for him.

Charlie Key failed to respond to a request for an interview.

Labour’s Gus Nwanze ran an enthusiastic campaign in Chafford last year and continues to do so in South Chafford. His target will be to get over 250 votes.

Interesting to see a UKIP candidate standing in Chafford. Whereas they continue to take 300-400 votes in other wards, you cant see them getting more than 250 in South Chafford.

Charlie Key

Gus Nwanze

Lee Ray Coppin
UK Independence Party

Matthew Orbell
Liberal Democrats


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