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Prostate surgery: Same day surgery at Basildon hospital

Men who need major prostate surgery may be able to go home on the same day, thanks to improvements in procedure at Basildon University Hospital.

The urology team at the hospital have just started to offer patients a one day laser operation to treat enlarged prostate glands.

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) involves cutting away a section of the prostate gland. It is frequently used to treat enlarged prostates which can obstruct urinary flow, and is the most common types of prostate surgery, with around 40,000 operations performed every year in Britain.

Now, a new and faster alternative to this operation is being offered at Basildon University Hospital.

Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate, or HoLEP, causes less bleeding, usually means that the patient can go home sooner, and reduces the chance of needing further surgery. The procedure has approval from the

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

One of the first patients to benefit from the one-day procedure is Michael Bonfield, 64, (pictured). A retired IT supervisor with Ford, Mr Bonfield used to live in Corringham, but moved last year to Lincolnshire. However, he had been a patient at the urology clinic for five years and was keen to continue his treatment at Basildon Hospital.

He explains: “My father passed away with prostate cancer. I am one of seven brothers, and we were told to have regular check-ups.”

Following a test, Michael was found to have a raised level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), which can be, but is not always, an indication of prostate cancer.

“A number of biopsies were carried out on me, which fortunately were all negative, but my urine flow level was starting to reduce, and the urology clinic recommended that I have a procedure to fix this,” says Michael.

Urology Nurse Specialist, Simon Fletcher, explained the different procedures that would be suitable for Michael, and suggested he read more about them and asked the clinic for any more information he wanted, before making a decision. Michael opted for the HoLEP procedure with a general anaesthetic, which was carried out by Mr Anil Vohra, Consultant Urologist.

Michael says: “Mr Vohra asked me if I would like to have a one-day procedure, and I said I definitely would. After the operation I recovered very well, and had no pain at all. I was asked again if I felt up to going home, and I was very happy to do that.”

“I am fully recovered and I would really recommend the one-day operation. It boosts your morale to go straight home and it’s always good to be in your own bed – you’ll sleep better and recover better. If there is no need for you to stay in hospital, why take up NHS time and resources?”

Anil Vohra said: “HoLEP has revolutionised treatment for benign prostate enlargement and we are proud to offer this at Basildon Hospital. It is a safe and cost-effective procedure which reduces discomfort and inconvenience for patients.”


  1. I know of several people, who are incontinent and have their pads etc delivered to their homes, it is a very good idea as the pads arrive every twelve weeks, they normally see a visiting, District Nurse who will carry out small tests and generally access the patients needs, they both say it would be better to, visit a continence nurse at a hospital where they every to hand, it seems silly for a district nurse to visit these people when they could visit a hospital for the same treatment, by staff who are trained in these matters, this would free the district nurse to visit other people in greater need.


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