Monday, May 20, 2024

Tory Nick Alston wins Essex Police Commissioner election

CONSERVATIVE Nick Alston has won the the first ever election for the Essex Police Crime Commissioner.

In a close contest, Nick Alston won beating independent Mick Thwaites into second place.

In the first round, Nick Alston gained 51,325 with Mick Thwaites second with 40,132. Labour’s Val Morris Cook came third with 27,929.

In the second round: Mr Alston gained 62,350 to Mr Thwaites,58,664.

Mr Thwaites had a seismic victory in Southend in the first round as he polled 7.837 compared to Nick Alston’s 3,853.

Val Morris Cook had a couple of key victories as she won both Harlow and Thurrock.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Alston said: I am very much looking forward to what we can do. This is a great opportunity.

Number of votes polled in Thurrock

Nick Alston (Cons) 2470
Linda Belgrove (Ind) 762
Val Morris-Cook (Lab) 3908
Andrew Smith (UKIP) 1564
Mick Thwaites (Ind) 1633
Robin Tillbrook (ED) 877


  1. Excuse me for being pedantic but ‘Val Morris-Cook….won….Thurrock’?
    With the vote in Thurrock being around 10% and only coming third overall in Essex, Val Morris-Cook won sweet f.a.

  2. Probably one of only two of the candidates that stood that maybe understands the role of the police and crime, the others were politically motivated


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