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Councillors clash over hospital crisis

A LEADNG Thurrock Conservative councillor has reminded the ruling Labour group of their defence of Basildon hospital two years ago.

Fobbing councillor, Mark Coxshall said: “I am delighted that the current portfolio holder, Cllr Barbara Rice, has pledged to work with the CQC to ensure the hospital delivers the best possible quality of care. I am sure our committee will work with her to hold the hospital to account.

“However, it is clear that this action is three years too late, and thanks to inaction under previous portfolio holders the problems have continued, and worsened – potentially resulting in deaths.

“Conservatives first raised concerns over the hospital in 2010, but Cllr Diana Hale accused us of being “over heavy” and “bashing the reputation”, and Cllr Val Morris-Cook accused us of “talking down” the hospital!

“Clearly, by burying their heads in the sand over the mounting issues, these Labour councillors have made severe errors of judgements. Had action been taken then maybe we wouldn’t be in this crisis, which has had such tragic, deadly consequences.”


  1. Three years ago we had a Conservative Portfolio Holder.

    The then Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group Cllr Amanda Arnold became a member of the Council of Governors of Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She remains a Governor.

    The Council of Governors has Conservative Councillors from Basildon Council and Brentwood Council and a Conservtive Councillor from Essex County Council as members.

    The Council of Governors is responsible for holding the Board of Directors to account, and for the appointment of the Trust Chairman and Non Executive Directors.

    Why isn’t Cllr Coxshall demanding why his fellow Conservative who are Governors have been ‘inactive’ and why, using Cllr Coxhall’s own words – “problems have continued, and worsened – potentially resulting in deaths.”

    It is rather despicable of Cllr Coxshall to use the tragic deaths at the hospital to try and score some cheap political points against Labour Councillors.

    Residents want a hospital they can trust and politicians who can offer and suggest improvements. They don’t want this punch and judy politics or politicians using patient deaths to score cheap political points against their political rivals.

  2. Leading conservative councillor ?. Seems to me he couldn’t lead a horse to water. But then again I dare say herd lane residents can thank him for voting to consult to have a new multi use sports stadium on their doorstep, oh that small item of a new housing development near Corringham church ?.

  3. colin – perhaps he never bothered to read the report because he was more interested in uttering some soundbites for the press. When residents come to him complaining about plans to build houses on these sites will he admit he voted for these sites to be considered in the LDF?

  4. I am amazed at those who persistently comment on your thurrock, obviously your time is spent condeming those that have at least put themselves forward to try and make a difference in Thurrock. We all have our likes and dislikes re Councillors and have a right to say our piece but have any one of you put yourselves forward to help another?

  5. Perhaps Snakebiteuk is right. Why do we bother electing officials to represent us. The same could be said of our MP’s. Perhaps we should just push them aside and do the job ourselves. There’s the small point of changing from a system of governance whereby our elected representatives do our bidding to an anarchic system of government. Perhaps we should put it to the vote.This hospital has been failing for years. It was failing when Comrade Kent was a non executive director and he was also a councillor at the time as well as being on the board of the Eats of England regional board and we all know what a success story that was.. It’s down to our elected representatives to ensure that the management of the hospital either deal with the problems or are removed if they can’t. When people are ill, the last thing they want is the thought of going to a hospital where they’re not certain of their chances of making it back out of the front door.

  6. I have been saying for ages that the board and management at Basildon Hospital should be removed from office immediatley, they have failed the public on numerous occasions, this hospital is becoming nolonger fit for purpos, we need a team of specialists to come in and looks at the running of the hospital and make wholsesale changes.

    The frontline staff are doing a fantastic job under dire circumstances, both TBC and Basildon need to start getting on top of this situation, the area is growing faster than the hospital can cope with, it si always the same with these councils, they build more more housing but do bugger all about the infrastructure that is required to support the additional people.


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