Census reveals 1500% increase in Black population in Thurrock

THE 2011 CENSUS has revealed the massive changes in the ethnic groupings in Thurrock compared to ten years ago.

Although, the borough is still predominantly “white”, with 127,587 people classified as “White (English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh)”,it is the number of Black Africans who have come to Thurrock in the last ten years that has really rocketed.

In 2001, there were only 577 people who marked the box Black African or Black Caribbean on the census form. That figure has now risen to 9742.

109 resident identified themselves as Black or Black British in 2001. That figure has risen to 1245.

151 residents identified themselves as Mixed (White and Black African). That has risen to 670.

The chinese population has decreased from 546 to 254 and the white irish has also declined from 1518 to 1108.

The full figures are:

White (English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh): 127,587
White Irish: 1,108
Gypsy/Traveller: 308
White Other: 6,426

Mixed White/Black Caribbean: 1.051
Mixed White/Black African: 670
Mixed White/Asian: 683
Other mixed: 690

Indian: 2,234
Pakistan: 534
Bangladesh: 682
Chinese: 828
Other asian: 1,649

African: 9,742
Caribbean: 1,336
Other Black: 1,245
Arab: 254

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