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Stroke conference at Basildon Hospital highlights innovations for patients

IMPROVEMENTS in the care and treatment of people who have suffered a stroke will be the subject of a conference at Basildon University Hospital next Wednesday, 8 May.

Clinical staff from the hospital and the region involved in caring for stroke patients, including consultants, doctors, nurses and therapists, will be invited to learn about up-to-date developments in diagnosis, surgery and therapy.

The conference is being organised by Dr Anil Agarwal, Stroke Consultant at Basildon Hospital, backed by the Royal College of Physicians. Topics will include recent innovations in surgery on carotid arteries, (the blood vessels that supply blood flow to the brain), new clot busting medication and an introduction to CT head perfusion, a specialised scan to measure blood flow in the brain.

Dr Agarwal said: ‘Stroke can affect so many aspects of a person’s life, so caring for people who have had a stroke involves a wide range of health professionals. The aim of the conference is to keep improving stroke care and treatment by bringing together doctors, nurses and therapists, from the hospital and the community, to share and develop new ideas to benefit patients.’

In a poll of stroke survivors released yesterday (1 May) by the Stroke Association, 42% said they felt they had been abandoned after their physical needs had been seen to. A patient group has recently been set up by Basildon Hospital so people affected by stroke can help to influence stroke services and aftercare in hospital and the community.


  1. I thought that Basildon Hospital was in danger of losing its new Super Duper Stroke unit to the likes of Harlow?


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