Thursday, May 23, 2024

Over sixty drivers prosecuted at illegal cruiser event

MORE than 60 drivers are to be prosecuted for speeding and road racing offences after police intervened at an illegal cruiser event in south Essex.

Officers from the Essex Police Casualty Reduction Section used unmarked cars fitted with video recording equipment as well as other tactics to identify offenders on a section of dual carriageway near Lakeside shopping centre.

Drivers and spectators from throughout London and the South East took part in the “drifting” and road racing event on Saturday night, May 4.

Offenders have been identified through vehicle index numbers and they will be summonsed to court for various offences.

Sgt Simon Willsher, who led the police investigation, said: “Cruiser events in Essex are usually good-natured and enjoyed by hundreds of enthusiasts who meet to show off their cars and talk about their hobby.

“But there is always the minority of drivers who take part in illegal street racing and drifting events, putting their own lives and the lives of spectators at risk.

“On Saturday night at Lakeside cars were racing at up to 80mph along a section of road that has a 40mph limit. These speeding cars were passing only inches from spectators who had no crash barriers or railings to protect them had any of those cars crashed out of control.

“We will continue to act robustly to deal with drivers who break the law while taking part in these events.”


  1. Yep all of the surrounding communities heard the speeding going on.

    I can’t understand the point where you would film what was going on in unmarked cars, and then fine later. If there was an accident, whats the excuse going to be if you were in attendance and could have prevented.

    Time for anti speeding measures to be applied along these roads.

    This road should not have any gatherings going on, or arranged events, its a road for access in and out of lakeside END OF!

  2. there is nowhere for people to go show off there cars around lakeside and no were to race maybe if the council used some of the money it has and dont anyone say they have no money because i no they have then they could make somewere were there is a place for jus cruizers to go and a place were cruizers can race even if its a little track im sure people would pay like 3 pound to get in a night and then it will not be how it is at lakeside


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