Friday, December 2, 2022

Thurrock MP points finger at Labour over Basildon hospital

COMMENTING on the Keogh review which has found that Basildon and Thurrock university hospitals has the highest death rates, Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price said,

“The Keogh review has confirmed what I have known for some time-which Basildon hospital has failed too many patients at their most vulnerable. 1600 unnecessary deaths are not acceptable in 21st century Britain.

The failings at Basildon have been well known since 2009. The trust has paid out £19m in settlements to bereaved families. Why has this been allowed to continue? What were the hospital board doing? I think that anyone who served on the Board at this time really does need to look to their conscience about their role in failing to get to grips with this poor performance.

The truth is that the leadership of this hospital has been utterly complacent. Aided and abetted by labour Ministers who refused to countenance failure in any part of the NHS on their watch.

In 2009 the chief executive of the CQC called for the resignation of the then chief executive Alan Whittle. It took until 2012 for him to go, and only then after the dogged determination of local MPs who were prepared to tolerate this failure no longer.

But this should have been gripped so much sooner-by the hospital board and by Monitor the regulator.

I am grateful to those constituents who shared with me their painful stories about how they lost loved ones. I pay tribute to the cure the NHS Basildon campaigners who between them have shone a light into the very real failings. They have done so much more to fight for the rights of patients than the highly paid NHS professionals who should be held account for their failings.”


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