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Keogh Report: Labour react to Basildon hospital report

POLITICIANS have reacted to the Keogh Report which is critical of Basildon and Thurrock hospital.

Prospective Labour candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington said:

“The contents of the Keogh Report are very worrying for people who rely on Basildon hospital. Despite warnings, the situation has got worse over the last couple of years, including staffing levels, with 345 nurses cut.

“The report outlines what needs to be done immediately to improve the care patients recieve. The decision to recruit 200 nursing staff is a step in the right direction. Behind every statistic is a real family mourning the death of a loved one, which is why battles over statistics in these situations are so unseemly.

“What everyone, including staff and patients, need is confidence in the hospital and the care it offers. But we can only build confidence based on actual improvements, which must be the outcome of the decision to put the hospital into special measures.

Prospective candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Mike le-Surf said: “It is very concerning that Basildon Hospital has been placed in special measures under this Conservative government.

“The party political point scoring by local Tory MP Stephen Metcalfe in calling for the resignation of the shadow health secretary was very disappointing especially as Mr. Metcalfe supported his own government’s extensive and costly re-organisation of the NHS which has led to falling frontline staff levels and falling morale.

“We know staffing levels are dangerously low as Basildon are advertising for 200 nurses this week. A&E is also in crisis and we now need to focus on improving services for all our residents in South Basildon and East Thurrock. The Keogh Report is clear in its findings and we need to put patient care first.”


  1. The situation with Basildon hospital is a culmination of years of neglect and mismanagement, all this political posturing by both Labour and Tory MP’s will do nothing but prolong any resolution to the problem, rather than point scoring against each other why not put your heads together and come up with a workable plan that will see Basildon Hospital become something that the local residents can trust to look after their health and welfare.

    If nothing happens soon I can see this hospital being closed down due to being unfit for purpose.

  2. It’s good to see Polly and Mike apologise for the failure of the hospital which under Labour got significantly worse. Like everything else Labour touched after 1997, they have caused just as much damage to the NHS as the Tories did before them.

  3. It’s a truly baffling response from the amnesia sufferer’s party. The question needs to be asked whether they bothered to read the report before commenting or whether this is the stock Labour response to the issue.

    There have been no cuts to NHS budgets and the Trust that runs Basildon hospital was in trouble financially before the current government were elected. So how is it the fault of the current government that this Trust was sacking staff? Why does this trust find it impossible to run things with an ever increasing budget? Why have Labour once again left out their 13 years in power from their response?

    Regardless of who is to blame, this hospital will strike the fear of god into people having to go into it. So while the politicians squabble, members of the public still have no idea of what type of treatment they can expect from this hospital. You’d have thought they would spend some time trying to reassure the public they’re not going to die if they enter this hospital rather than trying to protect their parties already tattered and shredded reputation.

  4. Went to Basildon hospital today for a surgical pre-assessment.
    Got seen to early, then over for a blood test. Straight in, no waiting as Pathology was empty too!
    Great, more bad publicity please.
    My niece who is a Ward Sister at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Romford says that they are swamped with patients from Basildon & Thurrock area at the moment.

  5. The hypocrisy & untruths of the Labour candidates are breathtaking! The figure given by Polly Billington of 345 nursing cuts at Basildon & Thurrock Hospital are just not true. There have been no cuts! This hospital has been failing for years, I have personal experience of this with two frail parents experiencing shockingly poor care, indignity & lack of compassion from 2006 until their deaths in 2010.

    My phone calls to then Labour MP Angela Smith were returned by an assistant with platitudes but no action. It was not until John Baron became my MP that matters were progressed politically. One only has to look at the Mid Staffs scandal to know what political party was responsible! The least the Labour party could do is express remorse & sorrow but no, Labour has chosen to accept no responsibility for its obvious failings.

    I truly hope that Basildon & Thurrock hospital improves and quickly! It is hoped that instead of scoring cheap points, the politicians of all parties will work for the good of patients. One must ask the question though – why has nobody been held accountable? The previous CEO Alan Whittle has much to answer for, or is a possible excessive death rate & complete mismanagement to be brushed under the carpet?


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