Blood pressure checks at Basildon hospital

PATIENTS, visitors and staff took up the offer of free blood pressure checks and advice on the results at Basildon University Hospital.

Mary-Joy Corpuz, a specialist stroke nurse at the hospital, carried out checks. Representatives from the Stroke Association and members of the local Vitality health and wellbeing team were on hand to advise people about healthy lifestyles and the risks associated with high blood pressure.

Mary-Joy Corpuz said: “Encouraging people to be aware of their blood pressure is important because it is one of the risk factors for stroke and heart attacks.”

Jacqueline Woods, 58, from Basildon, was in the hospital for an outpatient appointment and stopped for a check. She turned out to have healthy blood pressure.

Jacqueline said: “I go the gym every day and I watch what I eat very carefully for five days, then allow myself some treats on the other two.

“Two years ago I was overweight and a size 16 but I have since lost three stone. I did not have high blood pressure but it runs in the family, my mother has it even though she is slim, so I think it’s a good idea for me to keep an eye on mine.”

Jan Cannon has her blood pressure checked by Mary-Joy Corpuz, stroke nurse at Basildon Hospital
Another visitor Jan Cannon, 50, from Brentwood, had high blood pressure.

Jan says: “I know that I suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure) and there is a history of stroke in our family. My father had a massive stroke at the age of 62, and other members of his family have had stroke or heart attack. My father was not expected to survive but he is now 80.

“I am careful about my diet and watching my cholesterol level. I do exercise but because I have limited mobility it can be a struggle.

“It is very good there is now much more awareness of the possible causes of stroke. I think there is great benefit in events like this because many people don’t appreciate how strokes can affect not only the person who has them but the whole family.”