Friday, February 3, 2023

Polly urges residents to help save stroke unit

pollynhsPROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington is urging residents to sign a petition that might help save the stroke unit at Basildon hospital.

Polly said: “Next week our local NHS will make a very important decision which could have a very bad impact on people in Thurrock who suffer a stroke. I, and hundreds of others in our community are deeply concerned about the proposal that the hyper-acute stroke unit could be downgraded at Basildon Hospital. Many have signed the e-petition on the Downing Street website that I set up to ensure anyone concerned about this can register their opposition online.

“I am making sure the Clinical Commissioning Group, who have the power to stop this, are aware of the scale of opposition to this plan. You can too by supporting our campaign.

“At the moment the fact that people suffering a stroke can be dealt with fast massively increases their chances of survival and rehabilitation.

“600 people a year suffer a stroke in Thurrock – a significant number which supports the case for maintaining Hyper Acute Stroke Unit as close as possible to our community.

The real risk with this reorganisation is that vital minutes could be lost as people travel further to get the care they currently receive at Basildon.

The Unit being close to our community means faster treatment when it matters most.

“Downgrading that unit and leaving Hyper Acute Stroke Units only in hospitals further away from Thurrock will mean longer journeys for patients and could have a damaging impact on their survival and recovery. If these recommendations are adopted, our community will lose out. Some may argue it is a way to save money in a hard-pressed NHS. But the consequences for stroke survivors and their families will be significant – and will cost the NHS more in the long run. We must protect what we have.

“I urge the CCG to reject this proposal, for the good health and wellbeing of the people of Thurrock.


  1. Cllr Barbara Rice has been fighting this proposed closure for ages. Has someone only just told you Polly?
    And what about our JDP?

  2. A petition one week before the decision is made????!!!!!!!! Any effort of course is appreciated but the horse has pretty much bolted, and the stable door has been open for a while!! Principled campaign or press stunt?

  3. So after the Labour Party hushed up the report into the problems at Basildon Hospital they now want to create a media circus around this proposed closure, as has been stated above this has been proposed for ages and with only a week to go until the meeting Labour now want to get involved>>

  4. Lambo. That’s the problem with Thurrock at the moment, we need a Politician who really knows this area, and all its history. Labour Deputy Leader Cllr Barbara Rice has been shouting about losing the acute stroke unit for quite a while now.
    Perhaps JDP needs to go back to her old home too as well as Polly!

  5. You’re absolutely right jmw118, perhaps she should. I’m not sure what she does for Thurrock or what she knows about it. She is the MP and should have more clout that a person who abysmally advised the schoolboy currently in charge of the Labour party and has the memory of a goldfish. The Labour party once again used Thurrock as a dumping ground for the overspill of immigrants from London when they were in power. They did nothing to change the formula’s for granting money to the borough to cope with their mass immigration policy and yet we’re supposed to thank them for it.

    JDP has done nothing to change this. It’s almost as though politicians don’t want to aknowledge the damage and scale of mass immigration implemented by the Labour party on this borough and country as a whole. Fell free to disagree. One party has said they will deal with this. Labour want more of the same. £2 billion on health tourists alone. £15 billion on benefits for immigrants on the dole and Polly belatedly cribs about this. I’m old enough now to remember a number of governments but never have I witnessed a government so obsessed with power as the last Labour government to the point that they failed totally to represent the people of the country they governed in favour of the millions they invited here to ensure electoral victory for themselves forever. Polly and Jackie do nothing to change that and you support the party that brought it into being.

    The loss of a stroke unit is like chipping a fingernail compared to what the Labour party have done to this country. The disastrous thing about it all is that we haven’t seen the full effects of the disaster waiting around the corner for us all.

    The Labour party have little to add to the debate about the state of this country becasue they caused most of it. They should be ashamed.

  6. Well done Polly. I am very pleased you are highlighting this misguided NHS service reconfiguration. Thank you.


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