Thursday, December 1, 2022

Stricken councillor asks you to sign Stroke petition

An open letter by cllr Martin Healy

Dear Editor,

Firstly, As someone who has recently suffered a stoke, I would like to say a big public ‘Thank you’ to Thurrock Labour Parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington and my good friend, Chadwell Cllr Barbara Rice for their campaigning work over many months against the threatened reconfiguration of health services which would downgrade our local NHS hyper acute stroke unit at Basildon Hospital.

Secondly, I can only speak from my experiences these last few months, a cardiac arrest in late July, followed by excellent care and rehabilitation at our world renowned Basildon hospital Heart unit, a follow up stoke a few weeks ago rendering the left side of my body inactive. The FAST stroke treatment delivered by specialist stroke doctors and nurses at Basildon meant i am making a full recovery. I was even back at my desk earning some fees for my firm within three weeks.

Thirdly and finally under current NHS proposals, it is likely we could lose our Basildon hyper acute stroke unit who administer the magic Thrombolysis treatment. I urge readers and fellow stroke victims in Thurrock to support Polly’s campaign and sign


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