Meet the Imaging team at Basildon hospital

MANY hospital patients don’t realise what an important role radiography plays in their care or that is essential to many treatments and procedures.

Friday 8 November was World Radiography Day, and the anniversary of the day in 1895 when Wilhelm Roentgen discovered x-rays. To mark the occasion, the Imaging Department at Basildon University Hospital will be running an information stand in main reception.

Radiography staff will be on hand to meet patients, visitors and staff and explain more about their work. The team will also be selling cakes to raise money for the Trust’s Polly Parrot appeal for children’s services.

Hannah Megaw, Trauma Lead Radiographer, says: “We are involved in many different aspects of patient care, from ultrasound scans for pregnant women to major orthopaedic surgery. Sometimes patients may not be aware of our involvement because we arrive after they have had their anaesthetic and leave before they wake up.

“Some people can find going into a darkened room for imaging a bit intimidating, and we want to reduce any alarm by talking to people and explaining more about what we do – if patients have good knowledge about hospital treatment, they will hopefully feel more confident and in control.”
The team will show visitors one of four new digital radiography mobile machines, recently purchased by the Trust for £100,000 each, to enable faster diagnosis for patients.

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