Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Kent Police in dawn raid on Malvern Road

TWO men have been arrested by Kent Police on suspicion of vehicle related crime over the past eight months.

The arrests happened at 6am yesterday (19 November) at an address in Malvern Road, Little Thurrock and 4 September 2013 at a residential address in Swanley, Kent.

The men are aged 34 and 32.

Both men have been released on conditional bail pending further enquiries.


2100 hrs

The article above is from the statement we received from Kent Police. We understand that the “locus referred to” in the press release is not the residential street that is known as Malvern Road but an encampment that can be found at the end of the road and through a track.

This correction is purely added for accuracy purposes.


  1. Your Thurrock – please can you correct this article as the arrests were not made at a residential address in Malvern Road. It was at an illegal gypsy traveller encampment at the rear of Malvern Road. Thank you.

  2. Another reason Thurrock Council Planning Dept why the residents of Malvern Road did not want this encampment at the rear of their houses, this once quite road now getting 6 or 7 Police Vehicles raiding this site in the early hours of the morning.

  3. Your Thurrock – THIS ARICLE IS INCORRECT.
    The raid was not at a residential address but at THE TRAVELLER CAMP at the rear of Malvern Road.
    We are suffering enough stress without you getting your facts wrong.
    I suggest residents of Little Thurrock chase the council and find out exactly what they are doing about these people. While Thurrock Council and their Gypsy Liason Officer (who represents them more than us) pander to these people you may like to buy cctv equipment and bolster your locks – just like the neglected trampled upon reidents of Malvern Road have had to do.

  4. Here we go, the truth is revealed at last. These “nice” people have been stealing vans from genuine nice people. Get them off, enough is enough. How about a bit of backing for Malvern Road residents. Bad enough we have an illegal camp let alone having to deal with police raids.All a bloody joke now

  5. Read the article and the comments. Looks like whoever wrote the article is stirring it up. The one fact here is that people on an illegal traveller site have been arrested for probably the theft of cars. The travellers are their own worst enemies. They just can’t help themselves. They’ve been handed the race card and are now going to play it to the full.


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