Sunday, May 26, 2024

Hospital’s pharmacy department wins national award

An audit carried out in summer 2013 found that the summary care record benefits patients by saving time and reducing discrepancies. Last week (November 14) the system won a Best Project award from the Pharmacy Management National Forum.

Helen McClay, Principal Pharmacist Clinical Development, explains: “Obtaining clear and accurate information about a patient’s medicines is vital for clinical staff so they can make informed decisions about treatment.

“The more medicines a patient takes, the less likely they are to remember all the details so the summary care record tends to be used for patients taking several medications. The audit showed the system saves time, and the biggest impact is when patients have complex needs and take seven or more different types of medicine.

The summary care record means we can collate information more quickly, saving up to half an hour, and reduce the number of calls made to GP practices. It has also improved the accuracy of the information we have about the patient’s medicines.”

“The Pharmacy Management National Forum was impressed with the work that has taken place in the Trust to ensure accuracy and safety of medication, and we are delighted to have been presented with this award at the national pharmacy conference.”


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