Saturday, September 30, 2023

Free School head slams Woodside boss as “Grossly unprofessional, spiteful and possibly libellous…”

THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE of the controversial Gateway Academy Free School has defended its record after the principal of Woodside Academy questioned the schools achievements to date.

In a letter to the press, principal Ed Caines pointed out that the Free School had attained a poorer percentage grade (66%) in recent national tests for year six than Manor Primary (70%) and Thurrock as a whole (72%).

It was also pointed out that only 7% of the students at the Free School gained a Level 5 whilst Woodside Academy topped the Thurrock table with 30%.

But Kevin Sadler has fired back at Mr Caines.

He said: “I am depressed by your response to the development of a new school for Tilbury…Your latest outburst if (sic) grossly unprofessional, spiteful and possibly libellous…

“You won’t know that behind the published data for the free school is some amazing facts. 86% made progress in reading and 87% in Maths. 46% made better than expected progress in Maths compared to a national average of 29%; 66% made better than expected progress in reading compared to a national average of 29% and in writing, a better than expected progress of 85% compared to a national average of 31%.

“We have children who have never shown interest in reading before; children attending who had previously lost interest.

“We are working hard to develop a new school and regret that others seem to be spending valuable time devising ways to criticise and undermine us.”


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