Saturday, September 23, 2023

Basildon hospital death rates still above national average

DEATH rates at Basildon Hospital are still above the national average.

Basildon is second highest in Essex at 1.12. The highest is recorded at Colchester at 1.16. Mid Essex is 1.10.

Southend and Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow each recorded 1.02. The national average is 1.

For the east of England region Cambridge recorded the lowest at 0.84.

The Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator is the ratio between the actual number of patients who die following treatment at the trust and the number that would be expected to die on the basis of average figures for the country as a whole.

Mortality rates form an important part following the Keogh review which looked at the hospitals nationwide with above normal death rates.


  1. More bad news for this ailing hospital, something needs to be done and urgently before a forced closure is put in place.


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