Tim Aker announced as UKIP candidate for Thurrock

THE HEAD OF POLICY for UKIP, Tim Aker, has been declared as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock.

Tim will be planning to overturn the Conservative majority of just 92 from sitting MP, Jackie Doyle-Price.

Over the last few years, Aveley resident Tim has become a national figure in UK politics as he spreads the UKIP message across the country.

But back in Thurrock, he has gained a great deal of credibility and respect for his policies and presentation.

Tim is now a regular figure on the BBC’s News 24 and Daily Politics where he confidently goes toe to toe with the formidable Andrew Neill. He has also been seen being very patient on the couch on ITV’s Daybreak.

Tim featured on Newsnight on Tuesday night where, from the comfort of the saloon bar in The Ship, Aveley he spoke to Daily Mail columnist Simon Heffer.

Tim was asked about the state of  grass roots activism in the Thurrock Conservative Party.

Tim said: “They  got rid of their Conservative associations many years ago and they cannot fight campaigns without bringing in outsiders.

“We now have teams out every weekend, across Thurrock. We can out man them and can get people out to vote.”

Simon Heffer also spoke to Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price who took on the issue of Europe.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “We need ideas to get excited about. Where UKIP have found some success is Europe. We all hate it, so they have a very rich vein to attract people.”


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