Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tim Aker announced as UKIP candidate for Thurrock

THE HEAD OF POLICY for UKIP, Tim Aker, has been declared as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock.

Tim will be planning to overturn the Conservative majority of just 92 from sitting MP, Jackie Doyle-Price.

Over the last few years, Aveley resident Tim has become a national figure in UK politics as he spreads the UKIP message across the country.

But back in Thurrock, he has gained a great deal of credibility and respect for his policies and presentation.

Tim is now a regular figure on the BBC’s News 24 and Daily Politics where he confidently goes toe to toe with the formidable Andrew Neill. He has also been seen being very patient on the couch on ITV’s Daybreak.

Tim featured on Newsnight on Tuesday night where, from the comfort of the saloon bar in The Ship, Aveley he spoke to Daily Mail columnist Simon Heffer.

Tim was asked about the state of  grass roots activism in the Thurrock Conservative Party.

Tim said: “They  got rid of their Conservative associations many years ago and they cannot fight campaigns without bringing in outsiders.

“We now have teams out every weekend, across Thurrock. We can out man them and can get people out to vote.”

Simon Heffer also spoke to Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price who took on the issue of Europe.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “We need ideas to get excited about. Where UKIP have found some success is Europe. We all hate it, so they have a very rich vein to attract people.”



  1. Does Mr Aker want to be an MP or an MEP? If he wants to be an MP he shouldn’t really be running for European Parliament this year.

    Or perhaps Mr Aker quite wants to be an MEP for a year, so he can claim lots of expenses and never actually do anything in Europe, like almost all the remaining UKIP MEPs… Just the kind of MP we would want (!)

  2. looking at what we have now and how overpopulated and run down thurrock is maybe a fresh look at how things are could kick this thurrock into action,and lets not forget how the major parties are pinching ukip ideas .

  3. Totally agree with Descamisados . Why would somebody want to go from 90 grand a year to £65,000. Plus £700 a week for travelling and £300 a day tax free subsistence allowance just to be the Honourable Member of Parliament for Thurrock. Is there a village missing an idiot or is this man suffering from an overdose of integrity?

  4. I thought both JDP and Tim Aker came across fairly well on Newsnight.

    Jackie was spot on about the EU ‘we all hate it’ summed up the attitude of most people in Essex perfectly

  5. Does Timus also believe that the non stop storms and floods are Gods wrath against David Cameron for the legalising of Gay Marriage?

  6. This UKIP party rules state that prior to becoming a member of UKIP you cannot have belonged to any right wing political groups such as National Front and BNP. When as I believe from an article in Your Thurrock last year the local UKIP party was given factual evidence that Councillor Robert Ray was a member of the National Front in the 1970s and 1980s and ran for election in the local London Borough Elections in Newham in the late 1970s they turned a blind eye! Moreover when questioned recently in an article run by Your Thurrock Cllr Ray responded by dismissing that no one would now want to know about his political tendencies 30/40 years ago! Cllr Ray’s obvious arrogance and total disregard for the sensitivities of his elderly residents in his ward that fought and struggled in the first and second world war to defeat right wing extremism such as that which Cllr Ray subscribes to. I also believe that he further added when questioned by Your Thurrock that he still held the same views or had not changed his views today that he held when formerly a member of the National Front. Shame on Cllr Ray as i am led to believe for holding such overtly national front /nazi tendencies especially in this centenary year of commemorating the struggles, loss and sacrifice endured by our grand parents and great grand parents and in some cases great great grand parents during the momentous and tragic struggle of the Great War years. So I do not think in light of this that it appropriate for Cllr Ray to be sat on any committee selecting potential mep’s and mp’s. I am further alarmed that Cllr Ray as the recently appointed local chairman of the recently formed Thurrock Branch is now one of the members of the selection committee that has selected Tim Aker as this areas UKIP parliamentary candidate. Funny how i believe that Tim Aker recruited Robert Ray to the UKIP fold. I wonder if Tim Aker was aware of Cllr Rays previous right wing tendencies? Was this checked on him joining the party? Even giving him the benefit of the doubt he certainly will know now in light of the Your Thurrock article that was published well in advance of the decision to nominate and confirmed Cllr Ray successful selection for the Chairmanship of the newly formed break away Thurrock UKIP branch.

    Furthermore knowing such I will not feel comfortable voting for UKIP like I have done previously given I feel that I will be doing a disservice to my grand parents and great grandparents memory and sacrifice together with all the other members of their generation that fought struggled and sacrificed so much in two world wars in the twentieth century for me and all of us to live in a free and democratic country.

  7. Belash

    I for one totally agree with you, this would be quite easily sorted out by interviewing Robert Ray and asking about his previous affiliations within the BNP I think it is important that when you think people could accidentally vote for this man with no knowledge of his previous background being made public by UKIP, and in their rules it clearly states you cannot be a member of the party if you were previously involved in far right groups one of which is clearly named as the BNP, potential voters are being purposely hoodwinked in this concern, this is a matter I have tried to bring to light on previous occasions and feel it is important to the voting public of Aveley they are aware of this information so as they can make a proper decision as to what member they vote for

  8. Descamisados, I believe MP Jackie Doyle Price suffers from short term Memory loss. Because I attended a forum meeting, Regarding a planning application in my ward, what i felt was excellent for the residents and the Ward i could have explained to MP Price along with the other Residents why we supported it! she could have made the time to meet the local residents and discussed it,(The localism Bill) MP Price choose not to, like all the others applications she protest about, when She needs publicity and she needs your votes, I feel we will see Jackie Doyle Price a lot in the Media, due to her 92 vote victory, her and the Tory Group have showed what sort of people they are in the recent series of events occuring in summerset billons of pounds worth of damage, when it would of cost 1.7 million to dredge the rivers they just waste money, and Belash I believe Tim Aker is Robert Rays Mentor of course he knew, I know a resident who phoned Kerry Smith major player in UKIP in Thurrock about Councillor Ray, and he said he would inform the Group that includes Mr Aker.
    MP Price Should stay away from local politics because she clearly doesn’t know what’s going on with local needs and Tim should make a good MP because he is very in tuned with the Conservatives, everybody knows UKIP are just another Conservative party but far right, and I believe they basically have the same Tory values

  9. The Swiss people just voted in a referendum that they want limits put on immigration into Switzerland. Switzerland are not a member of the European Union. In response the EU has threatened the Swiss people with economic armageddon.

    The Vice president of the EU doesn’t even think the British people are intelligent enough to be given a referendum. Like Switzerland, the EU is threatening Britain with economic armageddon if we ever vote no in a referndum to leave or to renegotiate.

    It’s akin to gangsters saying we’ll send the boys round if you step out of line.

    That isn’t democracy. It wsn’t democratic when Spain and Greece had the leaders elected for them by Germany. It wasn’t democratic when Ireland were told to hold a referendum again when the EU didn’t get the answer they wanted.

    There is nothing democratic about the EU and to defend it now is tantamount to turning a blind eye to what 2 world wars were fought for.

    None of the main parties really want out of Europe. I’ll forgive UKIP for allowing a minor council member his mistakes from decades ago if they can get the message across that we as a country are being told what to do by a bunch of gangsters.

  10. No one cares about what party Cllr Ray supported nearly 40 years ago and I do not think that should be an issue some 40 years later.

    I’d rather people be ‘educated’ on why not to vote for the party of the liberal, middle class Islington based party that still pretend to be the party of the working man.

    I like UKIP, I find them refreshing, patriotic, not overcomplicated, willing to offend to make an honest point and most importantly they seem to have this country’s best interests at heart unlike Labour, the Lib Dems and sadly the Tories who all seem happy to sit back and manage the decline that Thatcher spent so long tryng to reverse.

    A few more Rob Rays in Thurrock wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially if it means some of those useless Labour councillors who do nothing get a P45 through the door.

  11. Bernard87
    Your statement no one cares what party former BNP member Robert Ray supported 40 years ago is rather pathetic when you consider both him and his party have tried to keep it quiet, and that it is against the rules of that party to be a former member of certain far right groups, precisely why they made the rule is obviously and self-evident, as for your comment a few less Labour members I’d be inclined to think there’d be a lot less Tory members but then again a vote for UKip , is a vote for Conservatives only more right wing

  12. Well that’s the left that live at Fraggle rock out of the game then.

    Some interesting news on the ECB and the highest court in Germany. They have ruled that it is not legal for the german government to back the ECB in it’s bailouts of other EU countries, which could lead to Germany having to leave the euro.

    No doubt the power house socialist economy in France will step in and save the day.

    It’s like the human pyramid upside down trick. One person at the bottom and all the hangers on stacked in ever increasing layers above. If the lone support walks away the rest comes tumbling down.

    And people want to be a part of that.

    Isn’t it funny how all the grasping heads of governments in Eastern Europe are suddenly getting vocal about freedom of movement.

    Take away Germany and there wil be no point in Europe threatening other economies with trade embargo’s and bans on exports. They wouldn’t have the collective power to enforce it.

    So go Ed and Nick. Keep flogging the dead horse and telling the rest of us how thick and racist we are for not agreeing.

    UKIP have at least been consistent in their opposition on both Europe and immigration, which is more than can be said of any of the rest.


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